BPO & IT Organizations Seeks Benefit from Social CRM

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The year 2010 is proving to be the year of Social CRM opening a lot of potential for the IT and BPO service providers. The sooner BPO companies get to realize the unexploited prospect of the social CRM, the better it will be in building their overall competencies.

With growing number of Internet users flocking to the social networking sites, the Social CRM holds the key to ensure top technology use to rock all over 2010. In last one year or so, the social networking sites experienced a phenomenal growth in the total number of ready users.

According to a given estimation of August 2009, it showed Face book to have recorded 110 million of unique visitors from the United States. On the other hand, this social networking site recorded 370 million of visitors from all over the world. In a similar note, Twitter registered close to 24 million visitors from the United States and about 66 million visitors from around the globe.

What is Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Social CRM is defined as a constructive and definitive business strategy. It serves to be an ideal way of engaging consumers through the social media platforms. Overall, the plan that remains is to build up trust and the brand loyalty of the client services and products.

Social CRM as an effective marketing tool offers unique opportunity to the marketers. For the marketers, it is the use of Social CRM that has emerged as an ideal way to engage customers through the social media network. According to diverse studies, it has been pointed out that the use of social media is common for the following reasons:

•Scaling engagement

•Building up network and updating the status

•Full engagement in those channel that you select to invest

•Emphasizing on quality and not just on quality

The growing use of social media tools have led companies to start spending more on their IT and marketing budgets on the Social CRM programs. This in a way also helped both large, mid size and small software vendors to gear up and reach out the very next phase of the CRM growth and development.

The use of Social CRM as a revolution has led the BPO and IT service providers to eye an incredible opportunity. In the current phase, the use of the Social CRM has extended a range of service offerings for both BPO and IT companies to stress on certain key areas. This is to capitalize more on this evolving opportunity. Some of these include:

•The Social Network Study

•Development of the brand-specific content for the Social Media sites

•Social Media Analytics, Monitoring and Reporting

•Integration of the tradition customer relationship management applications

•‘Master Data Management’- A prime issue in both Social CRM and other CRM projects

•Development of the Communities and Engagement Platforms

Favorable for the growth of the BPO and IT service providers, social networking sites has brought a new opportunity to ensure different value-added services. Especially for BPO and IT vendors those operate on the low price spectrum, the social media has emerged to be the means to move up price spectrum, improving margins and revenues.

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