Showed four major trends in communication terminal

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Communication Development Communication as an annual event has been opened the curtain also. Throughout recent years, CommunicAsia have been few new technologies, the emergence of new equipment. The terminal as a communication device and ordinary users have the most direct link, has maintained a rapid change.

With the era of smart phones, more and more Internet applications to promote the rapid increases in hardware performance terminals. Just as the PC's CPU from single core to multicore development, like the mobile terminal also needs a strong heart, so the emergence of multi-core is also reasonable.

Qualcomm this year in June at the Taipei International Computer Show, announced that it has successfully developed the dual-core CPU - Snapdragon processor, high-pass shortly thereafter launched a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon chip products, a total of MSM8260 and MSM8660 models.

The old rival Qualcomm TI to be outdone, has launched its code-named "eagle" products like high-pass and a high, but unfortunately, although this product has reached 1GHz frequency but higher products through the Snapdragon worse time, because TI said it will respect the official sales until later this year.

Anyway, the two dual-core chips are clocked at more than 1GHz, cut support 1080P HD playback. I believe that with dual-core chip in the terminal application, performance of future mobile terminals will have greater growth.

1,Open or closed software dispute?

According to foreign statistics, Google's Android phone in the U.S. market share of 32%, ranked first. Apple mobile phone market share in the U.S. up to 28% in second place. Analysis that, Adnroid phone is able to occupy the top spot in U.S. smart phones, because the free and open nature of Android, its mobile phone manufacturers in the major products everywhere.

In contrast, Apple is still using a closed system ios, as always, its own way, production for sale. But there is no Apple product alone can still hold its 4 so the market share.
One side is the side of Google's open system is Apple's closed system, but market reaction, the really equally matched.

2,Operating system is open or closed, which one is better?

I believe that the Android as an open system, although we free to use, while also making changes to the software, but also led to its version number, resulting in Android system in the poor compatibility between different hardware, which is no doubt the product development and a negative impact on user experience. Instead, Apple is accused of a closed system, superior in this regard.

3,Increase in size of mobile screen

As mentioned above, the hardware performance improvements, continues to bring rich software applications, large size, bright color screen brings the user a good experience is the main way. Now all the smart phone screen is about 2.5-3.5 inches, and has introduced new products are growing at this size. HTC HD2 even mobile phones have adopted such a relatively large 4.3-inch screen.

I believe the future of mobile phone with the screen to increase the size of the increase in size. But the size will not increase indefinitely, after all, the main function of communication as the mobile phone, too much will affect the shape of its portability.

4,The rise of Tablet PC

Mobile Internet users are increasingly demanding high-end functional requirements is also improving. But the smart phone, after all, mobile phones, its size will eventually be constrained by portability. Then gradually into the Tablet PC people's vision.

Tablet PC that year due to technical reasons and the design was too far ahead and dubbed the "martyrs", traditional IT vendors is only a small amount of production, market share is even more pitiful. Did not think that with the rise of mobile Internet, has brought vitality to the tablet PC.

Apple's iPad is fueled, in the world set off a hot plate. This trend also contributed to the number of terminal manufacturers to join in the past, many of whom are Nokia, Samsung mobile phone device that, along with Microsoft, HP, Dell, Lenovo and other IT vendors to join.

Tablet PC as a mobile Internet terminal is very appropriate bearing this year's market is only the beginning, I believe next year will be the development of tablet PCs will be greater.

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