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In any office environment, people have friends with whom they feel more than just a “work relationship”.
In today’s market, there are often very highly talented people vying for the same positions. If it comes down to two (or even three) finalists, the intangibles are likely to make or break the deal.
As regular readers know, I wrote a blog awhile back about common resume errors. Here are some more errors that you can add to your list when you proofread your resume. Remember – even with spell check, grammar check, and the like, there is never, ever any excuse for any mistake on your resume. There is simply no room for error on such an important document. With that said, here are some things to watch for (and things that you’ll have to find with a human eye):
Today’s more sophisticated email systems often look for certain characteristics in email text and in any email attachments. Unfortunately, things like words or graphics that may be perfectly appropriate in some cases can cause spam filters to stop your email, thus rendering your resume “never received”.
Fear not. In a lot of ways, they are actually pretty easy!! But, there are some drawbacks: • It’s easy to take it for granted and not prepare or take them as seriously (a BIG mistake) • It’s hard to tell how you’re doing because you can’t see the other person’s facial expressions and body language.
If you are reading this, you are probably contemplating writing or rewriting your resume for a new position, a career change, or for some other related reason. There are some items that are highly important when thinking about your resume beyond the obvious (many of the obvious items have been discussed in other blog posts from me):
In today’s highly competitive market, having a good plan of action for your job search makes all of the difference. Even when the economy is good, there will always be fierce competition for top talent. As such, it’s important to leverage all that you can to help with your job search, and to keep yourself visible even if you’re not in an active search.
As much as those of us not in sales and marketing hate to admit it, finding a new gig involves a great deal of sales and marketing – of ourselves. You’ve probably seen the blogs and articles about “Me, Inc.” and “Branding Yourself” and things along those lines. It’s true. And, it’s necessary – even in good times. This is the new reality of the employment arrangement and I don’t foresee it changing much over the longer term.
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