Tips for making your Clients Fans

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Client loyalty is very challenging to retain in a slowing economic year. Companies are trying to save money and are cutting corners not based on service or product quality, but on price alone. This is effecting many companies overall profit.

Business owners are seeing sales figures look more like plans for a new super roller coaster with so many peaks, valleys and twists that focusing on the next quarter makes them want to leave their lunch on the floor.

Businesses not effect by clients abnormal buying habits have turned clients into fans of their products. Apple's Mac computer, game software manufactures, and entertainers have learned that if you turn a client into a fan of a product or service, the loyalty will out way the price.

Computer gamers are establishing new pre-order sales for Modern Warfare 2 according to The popularity of the first game Modern Warfare created such a following that people are pre-ordering the game weeks before it ships.

Business will be opening at midnight to handle the frenzy of customers figured to pick up the game. I personally have read of one retailer who pre sold 2,400 games at $50.00 a game.

Apple's computer sales have been steady increasing and customers who own a Mac brag about it like if they are talking about their favorite Baseball team. Apple magically has converted customers into fans and their product pricing is less of a concern to their fans. Now fans boast about their product overall quality and reliability constancy.

Motorola and Goggle are desperately trying not to be the double AA club when it comes to the Apple iPhone. Fans of the iPhone are creating thousands of application from cooking programs to financial application, making the iPhone the most extraordinary cell phones to date.

A comedic balloon artist in Chicago has been changing clients in to fans, which keep hiring him. Like major celebrities, less popular entertainers have been developing a fan club to help establish their business.

People like to be entertained and providing them with highest-quality entertainment at an reasonable cost keeps customer coming back. Entertainment agents contracting the entertainer understand he will represent their interest and keep the client happy.

So how did these business convert clients to fans?

  • They had a excellent product or service
  • They understood their customer
  • Look for weakness in the competitors
  • They made modifications and corrections
  • They announce their accomplishments

Business that want to be successful must realize that a customer who is a fan of their product or service will navigate great distances to buy their product. They will change their personal life to meet the hours of operation.

Nevertheless, companies must provide outstanding service, be willing to modify a product to the client needs, and hirer the personnel to make it happen. Converting customers into fans does not happen instantly, but implanting these little things can help your business get started in the right direction.

How to Convert Clients into Fans

  • Question your clients - Find out what the like and dislike about your business.
  • Be willing to change - Criticism is not easy to take, correcting it takes energy and resources.
  • Fix and amend existing mistakes - If you aware of a problem, fix it! Learn from MS Windows - nobody likes a product that has problems.
  • Have a support system for client services - Make it simple for customers to get answers and solutions. Too often business build layers to prevent the client from communicating to the client. Make it easy for customers to get support via phone, internet, text messaging, e-mail, fax, or just be able to communicate to a person.

These are just the beginning on what is required to convert a customer into a fan. Begin today and develop a loyal fan club. A fan will make your company the talk of the Internet and put cash in your bank account.

Dale Obrochta (Magical Balloon-dude Dale) is a professional balloon artist who amazed audiences with his comedic balloon entrainment. Available for 1st birthday parties, grand openings, trade shows, and corporate parties. (708) 744-0234

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