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In case you are bored of sending empty envelope in your customers, then create your personal return address label, because of this you need to be creative with humor, then you will think it is makes you along with your receiver pleased and enjoyable over your mail.
With all the effort you put into your article marketing, you want your articles to be read, right? For if they are not read, your resource box won't be noticed and if your resource box isn't noticed, your article isn't doing it's job.
Research spanning several decades has consistently ranked communication skills crucial for managers. Typical, managers spend 75 to 80 percent of their time engaged in some form of written or oral communication. Although often termed a “soft” skill, communication in a business organization provides the critical link between core functions.
The cover letter is as, if not more, important than the resume you will submit by mail or through a posting on a website. While a resume can extend to two pages, a cover letter should be no longer than one page since a longer cover letter has little chances of being read. Just as if a speaker takes an hour to say what can easily be said in fifteen minutes, a cover letter should be able to convey all that you must on one page.
On average a prospective employer has less than a minute per resume to glance over hundreds that drop on his/her desk. However, if your resume stands out and retains his/her attention a little longer, then there is chance that it will be read from top to bottom. The key is not what one puts in the resume but how the information is presented to attract attention and then retains it.