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1. Mohammad Zaheer
Retired Professor of Economics

Manchester Community College/Eastern CT State University
Manchester/Willimantic, Connecticut

1973 Ph.D. Business Education University of Connecticut
1965 Ed.S. Business Education Indiana University
1964 M.S. Business Education Indiana University

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2. Carma Spence
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Writer, Author, Speaker, Internet Marketer

Carma Spence has more than 20 years of marketing, public relations and web content development experience. As a strategy and implementation coach, she channels this expertise to help creative professionals cultivate a thriving online presence and develop a profitable line of products and services.

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3. Muhammad Yaqoob
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Internet Marketer

Being a Social Media Enthusiast and a Corporate Blogger. I Consult, Speak and Write about the value of using Social Media to build communities and to make a positive contribution to the society.

Please visit my blog [NY Mafia]to know more about me.

Currently I am working as Consultant in a public sector University [UoG] for the following departments/assignments:
-Social Media and Computational Marketing
-Software Development Center & Automation
-Human Resource and Development
-Career Counseling
-Training and Developments
-Business Development
-Printing Press and Media

Prior to this I had worked with UNICEF, NICON Group, CASE, IQRA University, Pak-AIMS, and Sloan Executive Development Center.



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4. Brad Haddin
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5. Albert Spinner
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About Us:
Our Company has a panel of highly dedicated professionals, whether it`s media, journalism, book/e-book publication, Website or blog content, Article Writing, etc. Each of our content is reviewed several times before we distribute it to you.

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6. Wendy Cooley
Helping People to Make Big Life Changes

Wendy has been helping people make big positive life changes for many years. She has a Master's degree in Social Work. She is laid back and enjoys seeing other people achieve their dreams.

Check out her website at


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