Judgment Enforcement Training

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There are many ways, training courses, and books that can help you learn how to create a business recovering judgments. It usually takes a long time before you make a consistent profit recovering judgments, so for most people, keeping expenses down is important. In this article, I will share the most cost-effective ways to learn to recover civil court judgments.

Whether you pay a lot, a little, or nothing, to learn about judgment enforcement, reading and studying only takes you so far. In addition to book learning, you must get some "street" experience. You will have to visit the courts and learn how your court operates, do your own research, pull your own case files, fill out paperwork, write checks, etc. 

There are many free sources of judgment recovery training on the web:

1) Google "court self help judgment" to find court web sites having judgment recovery tips.

2) Google "Junk Fax" to find their free judgment collection tips.

3) Google "Judgment Broker" to find a web site that has lots of judgment articles, frequently asked questions, a free judgment enforcer forum, free judgment teleconferences, and free judgment recovery podcasts.

4) Google "fair debt collection garnishment laws" to see a summary of procedures for recovering a judgment in your state.

5) Google "judgment laws of state", where state means your state, e.g., California. For objective information, look for the state or law links, do not rely on any judgment recovery companies that come up on your searches.

There are a few cheap ways to get a book or a course on judgment recovery on the web:

1) "Getting Started In Judgment Enforcement", by Kenneth Brennan, on Amazon for about $30.00, or Google "Getting Started In Judgment Enforcement" (with the quotes).  This book is brand new for May 2011, and is great for those new to the judgment business.

2) "Collect Your Judgment In 5 Easy Steps", by Adrienne M. McMillan, Esq, on Amazon for about $19 plus shipping, is another good book.

3) Visit EBay, and search for "Judgment recovery", and buy used books and courses at a discount. Try to buy courses and books no more than five years old because laws change over time.

Once you have learned things for free and cheap, there are many ways, and some reasonably-priced ways to get a membership, book, or a course on judgment recovery on the web. Here are two bargains:

1) The National Judgment Network, about $149, for a lifetime membership. (They charge a small amount extra for their online office and database.) The NJN has support for all states.

2) Peter Gilboy, Ph.D about $259 (including shipping) for an excellent course that includes a Yahoo group email list, where helpful members post answers for questions.

There are many other great choices, however the two above are the best paid courses under $260, in my opinion, at the time of this article.

You can never be too rich, too thin, or study too many judgment courses. Even if you buy a judgment course or forum membership, don't forget the value of the free resources.

Mark D. Shapiro - Judgment Referral Expert  - friend to all Judgment Enforcers and contingency collection attorneys:  http://www.JudgmentBuy.com - where Judgments go to get Purchased or Enforced! 

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