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Polygel has grown from a single location & single product cable gel manufacturer to a multi-product, multi-market & widely spread corporation.
Did you know that there are no laws that require manufacturers to produce machines and tools with machine guarding devices? Yet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) hold employers responsible for the safety of your workers.
PUREti Organo-Titanates are particularly suitable for improving the properties of coatings with silicone based blinders, due to the synergistic chemistry of titanates and silicones.
Are Your Machines Safe or Unsafe? The answer is usually somewhere between the two choices. By their nature, machines can be dangerous even when used in a proper manner.
In our daily life, electricity has become the major part of a life and life without electricity can’t be imagined. Industries definitely need continuous supply of electricity and they definitely need transformers for avoiding voltage fluctuations and the malfunction of some machines is due to voltage problems.
Generally, coatings are prepared with paints and many other additives and they are available in lots of different varieties, so you have to be very careful while choosing them. You should pick up the kind of substance that is suitable for the surface, which need to be coated. They are available in different types that include swimming pool coatings, metal, roof and garage floor coatings.
Label applicators are labeling equipment designed for shipment addressing, product identification, inventory control, pricing and data collection. These label applicators are affordable which are simple to operate, easy to maintain and durable.
Label dispensers appear in numerous sizes with its styles and unique shapes. There are many label dispensers that automatically dispense labels and others that necessitate the machinist to manually haul out the labels from the label dispenser.
Labeling a product is something very important these days. Previously labeling was done manually, that is the labels were affixed to the container or the bottle in which the product is packed, by laborers but with the advancement in technology, everything is made easy.
People wish to get products that are neatly wrapped with appropriate labels and a machine is available for this purpose is called as label dispenser. Label dispensers are available in two types like manual or semi-automatic and in general, the Automatic label dispensers are preferred more than the manual label dispensers due to its ease of labeling process and its efficiency in labeling.