Polygel India

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Since inception in 1997, Polygel has grown from a single location & single product cable gel manufacturer to a multi-product, multi-market & widely spread corporation.

Today Polygel product portfolio comprises of Specialty Chemicals, Adhesives & Sealants, Paints & Textures, Construction Chemicals, Putties & Plasters and other products used in various industries like construction, infrastructure, furniture, footwear, automobiles, surface coatings, etc.

The geographical marketing spread extends the length and breadth of India as well as exports to 20 countries including USA, Japan, Germany, UK, etc. Our plants & manufacturing facilities are based at Silvassa, Vapi & Rudrapur (Uttaranchal).

* Polygel supports in building the infrastructure projects of India.
* One-stop-shop for Product & Total Construction Solution for the Construction Industry.
* Team "Polygel Project Management & Services" - A dedicated team to serve the requirements of Planners, Architects, Interior Designers, Project Consultants, and Structural & Civil Engineers etc.
* Brand leader in Cement Waterproofing Systems since 1956.
* Ethically Safe, Environmental Friendly & Specifier based Customized Products & Solutions.
* Distribution Network of more than 10000 dealers throughout India.

The first company in India to develop "ANTI-TERMITE" (non-toxic) white adhesive. We offer range of white adhesives (PVA) from top-end to value for money. Synthetic rubber adhesives (CR, SBS, SBR) , Epoxy & Polyurethene adhesives, with focus on ease & simplicity of application, specially for Interior Designers, Modular Furniture Manufacturers, Carpeting, Ducting Application, etc. Polygel has a proven track record for providing long-term solutions to a variety of Adhesives requirements.

1. Printing Ink
Polygel PUREti adhesion promoters are the most critical ingredients in liquid packaging flexo and gravure printing inks. These are also called organic titanates as well.

2. Industrial Coating
PUREti, manufactured by Polygel Specialties from India is a leading range of additives for high performance industrial metal coatings. Polygel is commited to provide producers and developers of industrial coatings with a complete range of high quality products, cutting edge technology, good service and competitive prices. Polygel offers the most comprehensive product range of environmentally friendly titanates adhesion promoters and cross-linkers to the global coatings industry.

3. Catalysts Application
PUREti TM, manufactured by Polygel Specialties from India, is the leading range of Organo-Titanate based catalysts.

4. Building Interiors
Admixture for Concrete
Sealants & Adhesives
Water-proofing Systems

5. Furnitures
White Adhesive
Synthetic Rubber Adhesive

6. Carpeting & furnishing

7. Auto Upholstery

8. Footwears

9. Chairs & Seatings

10. DG set Canopy

11. Glass Bonding

12. Auto windows screen

13. Windows & other Sealings

14. General bonding

15. Foam & furnishing
White Adhesive
Synthetic Rubber Adhesive

16. Modular Furniture

Our Products

Organic Titnates
Polygel Specialities is a division of Polygel Industries Pvt. Ltd. manufacturing Organic Titanates under the brand name PUREti. Products being manufactured currently are:-

* Tetra N Butyl Titanate Monomer
* Tetra Iso-Propyl Titanate Monomer
* Tetra 2 Ethyl Hexyl Titanate
* Poly Butyl Titanate
* Butyl Titanium Phosphate
* Titanium Acetyl Acetonate Chelate (TAA-65)
* Titanium Acetyl Acetonate Chelate (TAA-75)
* Titanium Acetyl Acetonate Chelate (TAA-105)
* TPT/TNBT Mixture (TPT-20B)
* Tetra N-Butyl Iso-Propyl Titanate (BIPT)

Construction Chemicals


Paints & texture 

For more details visit our website:


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