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1. William Nabaza
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Domains, Web Hosting, Uptime Monitor, Credit cards, Freebies, Ca

William Nabaza of specializes in domains, webhosting, webmaster's tools, netpreneur's articles and resources. Stands out as a freebie provider, business opportunity provider and the like. Visit his site at

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2. Ashish Pandey
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3. Mario Luis Tavares Ferreira
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Strategist and Business Developer

Mario Luis Tavares Ferreira is a seasoned manager with 20+ years experience in business development. Co-founded two high tech start-ups. International negotiator with multi-lingual skills and multi-cultural experience in half dozen countries. He has IS Management graduation and a MBA in Strategic Enterprise Management, besides post-grad. extension in Negotiations, Strategy and People Management. Developing a Global Entrepreneurial Network for SMBs (SMEs).  

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4. Masroor
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Internet Marketer

Masroor manages the SourceONE, marketing and content manager in a global marketing field. If you would like to know more about email marketing or if you are looking for service providers in this domain, please contact us. I can give you a list and comparison of some good companies providing affordable online marketing solutions.

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5. Feroz Ahmed Bawany
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Feroz Ahmed Bawany

To increase my knowledge and to understand the civilized creations of Almighty Lord 'Human'. May God bless us all.

Grow your Social Media Friends at

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6. Muhammad Nazeer Baloch
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My first training institute was ARM Child and Youth Welfare, a street school in Lyari Karachi. ARM is a non governmental organization providing social services to Lyarians and other slums in Karachi. I started my carrier with voluntary services at ARM and served this institution for twelve years from 1995 to 2007 as teacher, executive board member and health secretary.

In 1998 RASTI acknowledged me as Coordinator for its project "Learning and Understanding Children's Knowledge" and my first paid (salaried) project started at RASTI. Aim of that project was to promote CRC, raise awareness on HIV/AIDS and adolescents through theater, mural paintings, story writing, organizing children assemblies, puppet shows and conducting focus group discussions among children, parents, teachers and community representatives. We formed two children organizations /groups Nice Children Group (Boys) and BELI (Girls) during the project period. Target areas of LUCK project were 6 low-income communities of Karachi (Lyari, Neelum Colony, Bitaiyabad, Usmania Colony, Maripur and Ayoub Goth. As project coordinator I was responsible to organize and facilitate a team of 5 members through which 4 were field coordinators (male and female) and 1 male accountant. I also worked as coordinator for more two projects of RASTI, funded by UNICEF and American Consulate Karachi. The project from UNICEF was in collaboration with AMAL Islamabad (KZR) and aimed to raise awareness HIV/AIDS, STIs and STDs through theater, seminars and focus group discussions. Almost 100 districts of Pakistan were selected as target areas and most of the project activities were carried out by RASTI team.

Gathering data, mapping, facilitating field surveyors, compiling field reports, putting field data on digitize images were the major tasks of mine at URC. I bridged my contacts in different government institutions, with local bodies representatives, NGOs, CBO and students of different universities. It also supported me to work under the supervision of Mr. Arif Hasan (Architect and Town Planner) in his own office for about two years.

Pakistan Institute of Labor Education and Research is working on Labor Rights issues since last two decades. As a Program Associate and Training Coordinator in PILER, I have to run three "Child and Labor Rights Centers" located near to the industrial areas' (SITE, Korangi and North Karachi) of Karachi. In each CLRC a secretary appointed for mobilization and building contacts with people. We organize training programs for children, workers, workers families, CBOs and trade unions on Child Rights (CRC), HIV/AIDS, Women and Human Rights issues, Trade union Rights, ILO Conventions, Organizational Development, theater and other concern issues. Further more I have to document all program activities and financial statements. Draft quarterly, six monthly and yearly planner and make it sure that all activities should get place on time.

From 1998 till now I have conducted several training workshops for school teachers, labors, trade union activists, community activists, school management committees and Councilors.

I wrote my first thesis on "Codes of Conducts in Levi Strauss & Co" for my diploma program in Institute of Social Studies The Hague, The Natherlands.

From March 2007 to October 2008 I worked with RASTI as Project Manager. This project "Children Participation and Development Program through Child to Child Approach" was funded by Plan International.

Currently I am doing my MBA Management in Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College. I am also lecturing International Business to BBA students as part timer in KLIUC.

I love writing on business related issues and issues relevant to social services.


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7. Liu chineeren
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8. mubasher mirza
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9. ella hu
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Textile testing instrument

Qinsun specialize in the research and development of high quality lab instrument for textile testing industry. Our head office in Shanghai and we provide high quality testing instrument and comprehensive service for textile factory,academic research institute and textile lab worldwide.
We always develop the highly sophisticated test instrument which can meet the various demands of the textile industry. We provide the upfront Micro weathering test equipment with our own brand name"QINSUN",such as thermal resistance wet resistance meter,(moisture management tester)etc, and the new functional test instrument include air permeability tester, hydro-static head tester,thermal protection performance tester,as well as the widely used lab testing equipment such as textile washing color fastness tester,abrasion tester, pilling tester, rubbing color fastness tester,ironing tester and perspiration tester.For the laboratory requirements, we also bring forth the new practical test instruments. Qinsun products include: fabric test equipment,fiber tester, yarn tester, carpet tester,non-woven fabric tester, toy tester,leather tester,automotive material test equipment and others.

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10. Brian Schwarz
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