Top SEO Decisions To Make Money Online

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The online world has a powerful tool that provides most successful businessmen the most effective tool to promote their online businesses, search engine optimization. In fact, such is its power in internet marketing that any online entrepreneur who fails to optimize its potential will likely not make money in the desired quantities. Google, Yahoo and MSN and almost all other search engines make SEO application and marketing so easy.

Organic or Paid Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

But before you even think of SEO applications to your online business, you must choose between organic and paid advertising.

Of course, given the resources in time and money, you will want to harness both types of SEO so as to be at the top of the highly competitive game of e-commerce. For beginners in the game, organic SEO has more than its fair share of benefits.

For one thing, organic SEO is free. You can basically make money without actually having to pay wads of dollars to do so where placing on the top rank of the first page in a search engine result is concerned. In contrast, a paid SEO means outbidding your competitors for a spot on the search engine's top results.

For another thing, organic SEO delivers excellent results in Internet marketing with just a few hours' worth of learning the process. Yes, you may have to understand the workings behind search engine algorithms but it's not exactly rocker science. It is an art and a science that even an individual with average intelligence can understand.

The trick is in implementing the techniques that will make your online business come out on top of the search engines using the possible algorithms applied. Take note that the emphasis is on the word possible as search engine companies like Yahoo and Google treat these algorithms as top-secret formulas. With practice, you can transform a science into an art and vice versa to make money from SEO opportunities.

If you have the resources to go for the paid search engine optimization, then do so. You will find that it is a better option in the sense that you have professionals working for your interests.

Do it your self or hire a professional

And speaking of professionals, you can also choose to hire the professionals even when you intend to go the organic route in SEO. For example, online article writers can be hired to put the website on the top pages of the search engine results mainly by submission of quality articles to the numerous web directories and e-zines. Of course, money is involved.

You can skip on the professional services and still make money from do-it-yourself SEO by adopting the following tips.

1. Select the keywords that best reflect your niche. Experiment with variations until you find the keywords proven to drive traffic to your site.

2. Choose the right domain name. Be straightforward such that there is little doubt about what your website is all about while also attracting the attention of your readers. And do select a title that starts with the first few letters of the alphabet since this also helps in search engine results.

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