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The sheer number of new clients that can be introduced to your business in the networking process is quite amazing. Networking is a great method that can expand your clientele base so it really should not be overlooked.
One of the must-dos of business is networking. The more contacts you have the, the higher your probability of converting some of them to customers, right? Ugh...sounds like work to me. But with a slightly different approach, networking can be both fun and rewarding.
The New Paradigm for Building a Golden Rolodex Learn the 5 Success Principles that Lead to Enriching Relationships
With our world crashing about us, there is only one way not to feel hopeless. You need to have a better golden rolodex (virtual) than the next guy.
Networking is the process of getting to know people for mutual benefits. Through networking you get to make new friends, find a new job or to obtain sales leads.
A value-added network can be achieved through explicit actions to develop, expand, and promote trusted relationships. One successful example is Thomas Powers, the founder and chairman of ecademy, one of the largest UK-based business networks.
Networking is a powerful tool that offers the promise of impacting our lives by opening endless people, company and information channels. It helps us establish new business contacts, locate and land challenging career positions and interact with people who have common interests and goals. As a young adult seeking my first job, it took a while to understand the very simple premise that people know people.