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Telecom OSS/BSS, also known as business support systems and operations support system, refers to information technology processes used to accomplish telecommunications service. The former refers to those portions of this business which deal with customers while the latter deals with the network itself.
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Published studies indicate that, person-to-person, we interpret messages: • Visually — 55% from facial expressions • Vocally — 38% from voice quality and the way words are spoken • Verbally —7% from the actual words With techno or e-communications, the relevance of the actual word choice increases dramatically. From the minor 7% bit player in face-to-face communication, words now move up to 70%, a big change of roles.
It seems that social networks have been the main ambition since the dawn of the internet. It is only in the past couple of years that we have seen permanence in its growth...
CDRs are used by telecommunications companies for other important reasons. CDRs are mainly used by telecommunications companies to charge for their service. CDR billing packages are purchased by telecommunications companies in order to gather information on phone calls, process it, decipher it, and record it. CDRs are an effective, efficient, and organized way for telecommunications businesses to bill for service.
There is only a small amount of people that fully understand the information associated with telecom billing OSS. There is a vast amount of information that the general public does not get exposed to about the topic itself.
A technologically important creation is the Telecom Billing System. The world telecommunication industry is speeding towards growth.
Telecom OSS systems have been the latest trend in the growth of the telecommunications field in general.
Telecom Billing Solution is a important component in the set of systems that modern telecom services providers need to deliver the service.
DTH is the most demanded and most convenient service offered by the data service providers. DTH gives you clear sound and view. The service is also available with cable card. You can select the channels that you want to see.