The Future of Cell Phone Mobile Connectivity

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Imagine the day when you're driving down the road and you remember that you need to pick up a bottle of wine for your friend's dinner party tonight. You remember the type of wine your friend likes (Shiraz) but you can't remember the exact name. You think it has the words "Rosemount" and "Estate" in it but you cannot remember the rest.

So what do you do?

You pull off the side of the road, take out your cell phone and open up the Google mobile homepage on your cell phone to search using the keywords Shiraz Rosemount Estate to see if you can find it.

Well wouldn't you know? There it is - Rosemount Estate Diamond Label Shiraz.

Ok, so now you know the name of your friend's favorite bottle of wine but what is the closest wine store that's selling it for the best price? You search in Google, using your mobile cell phone, and find Wine Pro Online just 5 miles away in the next town offering a 20% discount. You visit the stores website using your cell phone to download their address and the 20% discount coupon directly to your phone.

You sync the store's address with the GPS Mobile Navigation on your cell phone to receive step-by-step driving directions. Your cell phone talks to you and tells you it's 5 miles away and will take you 10 minutes.

So you follow your step by step directions and make it to the store in just 10 minutes like your GPS Mobile Navigation said you would. So you go in the store, locate the bottle of Rosemount Estate Diamond Label Shiraz, go to the counter, present the 20% off discount on your cell phone and you get the bottle for $9.99.

Now you don't remember how to get home so you simply hit the "Home" button on your cell phone's GPS and with the step-by-step directions you're home in 15 minutes.

This is just one example of how we will use our cell phones more and more in the future. Cell phones have become such and important part of our lives and allow us to:
Store contacts
Make a phone call at any time
Listen to MP3 music
Take pictures and video like a camera
Receive step-by-step driving directions through GPS
Send email
Browse the Internet
Download music and video
Watch streaming TV
And much more...

Nearly 100% of my family and friends own a cell phone. I even see 10 and 11 year old children with their own cell phones. You might think this is crazy but I think it's a great way to keep your children safe because you can monitor their phone call activity and allows them to make phone calls in case of an emergency.

Yes, cell phones are also the cause of many automobile accidents and even deaths around the world. This is why certain states like New Jersey have banned cell phone use while physically driving the car. Here is a list of countries and states that have banned cell phone use while driving.

Actually, Microsoft and Ford recently teamed up to build a service that will be a fully-integrated, flash memory-based system that enables drivers to call hands-free and to control a range of digital audio via voice commands and buttons mounted on the steering wheel. For drivers who want to play music from their MP3 players, Sync improves on the basic auxiliary input jack by adding a USB 2.0 port for connecting iPods, Zunes, and a range of other players. The first models to offer Sync as an option in fall 2007 include Ford's Five Hundred, Explorer, Focus, Freestyle, and Fusion; Lincoln's MKX and MKZ; and the Mercury Milan.

The future of cell phone use is eminent and thousands of companies are working hard to make this a safe and practical reality for us all. We'll be looking back in 20 years telling our children and/or grandchildren that we used to use a pay phone to make a phone call while away from our home.

If you're a business and want to ensure your company's website is mobile enabled, please contact us today.

Daryl H. Bryant is President and Chief Executive Officer of Hudson Horizons, helps his clients achieve online success through search engine marketing and customized website solutions.

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