Good Gaming Computers

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here are plenty of decent gaming computers on the market and there are a few good gaming computers. Some computers are designed for gaming like ol Alienware Computers and newcomer Poulsbo PC's.

These two computers are comparable in specs and vary depending on what you want in a good gaming computer. When someone is shelling out the cash for good gaming computers its nice to know about other options out there.

Overall this article is not about bashing any computer its about discussing good gaming computer options for hard core gamer.

Overall good specs for a gaming computer is very important. One of the things we don't think about in the specs is the quality of the parts. We can all agree that 8GB DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Memory is something nice to have in a good gaming computer other aspects might be more important.

However when you see the specs make sure to see what brand product they use. It could be a poorly slapped together Chinese parts computer thats going to crap out on you in a week or two.

(Quick Tip: When building or getting a gaming computer a great Processor and the Graphics cards are critical for a good gaming computer)

Checking customer reviews in a non (company supported) page is recommended. Remember companies are not going to send you to places with bad reviews about them or their parts. Get a good range or reviews before making a decision the Internet is a wonderful resource just don't believe everything you read.

One of the most well known good gaming computers is considered Alienware. You can still get a decent computer from Alienware and they can make it look like an alien for you. You can check out there site here and see for yourself.

Pros and Cons of Alienware

Pros: Cool looking computer, Considered on of the better computers on the market for gaming, very customizable computers, and overall really good specs for gaming computer, .

Cons: Really Expensive, Poor customer support, hit or miss with a fully functioning gaming computer.

Overall there is mixed reviews on Alienware ranging for Horror stories to people swearing by them. Dell bought out Alienware in March 2006 so expect Dell when you think of Alienware except with poor customer service.

IBUYPOWER is also another alternative to getting a good gaming computer. They are one of the companies that prides themselves on their price and their quality for the price. You can check out their site for a closer look. They are also a good group for customizable good gaming computers. They offer a wide range of computers on the cheap.

Pros and Cons of IBUYPOWER

Pros: They offer decent gaming computers on the cheap. They offer nice looking products, laptops and desktops alike. They offer a wide verity of customizable options while designing your computer on their site.

Cons: A mixed review of bad and good customer support. It is hit or miss. The same with their computers some people get amazing good gaming computers on the cheap and others get a very bad experience. Basically when things are good their good and when their bad they are BAD with IBUYPOWER.

Overall if your on a tight or cheaper budget this would be on of the sites recommended for checking out getting a customizable gaming computer on the cheap.

On of the new comers to good gaming computers is Poulsbo PC. They are a small computer company out of Poulsbo, Washington (the suburbs of Seattle) . They are relatively new customizable good gaming computers company. They are a nice small computer business with all tech guys on staff. You can check out their gaming computers here to get a better look.

Pros and Cons of Poulsbo PC

Pros: They offer a higher quality gaming computer for a very reasonable price. Very comparable in specs to to the very expensive high quality gaming computer companies. You can give them a call for a higher amount of customizable options when building good gaming computers. When they talk with you on the phone they are willing to get serious about your customizable desires for custom casing to custom parts.

Cons: They are a small company they do not have 24 hour a day tech support. (They will get back to you as soon as they). They may sometimes take a bit to make your super customized computer depending on what you order. (just as fast as Alien Ware). They will be shipping from Poulsbo, Washington so it might be far to send back if you had a problem.

Overall they have 100% American tech support. They are a USA made small business and definitely have the potential to become the new Alienware computing company. They have mixed reviews from their customers just like any other company and even the negative reviews say they get the job done where other companies may fall short. They are a wonderful good gaming computers company that is comparable to Alienware specs and not as costly.

In conclusion if you want the best gaming computer you can get Customizing one yourself IS the best option. The real question is do you want to build a good gaming computer yourself or order one pre-built that you can send back to have fixed if something goes wrong.

Here is a small list of other companies that make good gaming computers: Voodoo, Falcon-Northwest, Velocity-Micro, ABS.

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