Resolve PDF Errors

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With the ever-growing popularity of Portable Document Format (PDF) file, it has become very easy and secure to share information through electronic media like email, network share, etc. PDF offers various benefits in comparison to other documents like MS Word, MS Excel, etc.

Following are the benefits of using PDF files for information sharing:
• PDF keeps the data intact while being shared over Internet or transferred using email.
• PDF provides more options to secure the data. For example, you can specify that whether the content can be copied from the PDF or not.
• When you convert a document into PDF then the document's size gets reduced to considerable extent. PDF uses its compression algorithm to reduce the size of document when converting into PDF file.
• Smaller files are easy to transfer than larger files.
• Any kind of information can be shared using PDF. For example, you can combine text, images, and multimedia content in one document.

Providing lots of benefits, PDF can also bring problems to your way. Are you shocked hearing that PDF can also bring problems? Yes, it is a truth. When you download, upload, or share PDF documents, they might get corrupt. However, PDF does not get damaged so easily but being a digital format, it is not away from corruption.

When you try to open the damaged PDF file, you may encounter following error messages or issues:
• You do not see anything but a blank page.
• There was an error opening this document. The root object is missing or invalid.
• There was an error opening this document. There was a problem reading this document (14).
• An error exists on this page. Acrobat may not display the page correctly. Please contact the person who created the PDF document to correct the problem.
• There was an error processing a page. Invalid Function resource.
• There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.
• You will be able to see the textual information but cannot see graphics and multimedia content.

Appearance of any of these error messages or blank pages in PDF indicates the corruption of the PDF file. A PDF file can be damaged due to virus attack, Internet's connection loss while downloading or uploading PDF, etc. Once the PDF is damaged, you cannot access the file due to which you need to face data loss. Information stored in the damaged PDF cannot be utilized, as you see either blank pages or error message while opening the PDF.

If you want to recover the data stored in the corrupt PDF then you must need to repair the damaged PDF file. The Fix PDF software helps you repair the damaged PDF file in just few easy steps. Using the Fix PDF software one can repair ‘n' numbers of corrupt PDF files in a single repair cycle. The software repairs the damaged PDF and recovers text, images, tables, graphs, links, etc. with maximum accuracy. The Fix PDF software can easily repair the PDF files that are badly damaged.

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