Freecom ToughDrive 320GB Portable Hard Drive Turbo USB 8MB Cache – 30570

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This is very evolutionary world. Everyone wants to be fast and want to participate in a race. We can also say that mobility has become a part of our life. People who are in any field carry mobiles, hard drives and also they carry complete assets with them which are essential parts of everyone's life. First think about it, you have all the data stored in your hard drive and that is much important for you, suddenly it falls on the floor and get damaged, all your data get lost.

Freecom has introduced a portable hard drive.There useful device in market which is quite effective with external storage solution and that is Freecom ToughDrive 320GB Portable Hard Drive Turbo USB 8MB Cache - 30570. The major problem of data loss is not present in case of this portable hard drive. It acquire a soft silicon cover and an anti shock frame is fitted internally to it which helps your data to be safe inside the hard drive.

Product description:
• 2.5" drive
• USB 2.0 interface
• 0.40 kg weight
• 24 months warranty
• 320 GB portable hard drive
• Integrated USB cable
• With Soft silicon cover

Key features:
• Faster data transfer speed
• Perfect for mobile computing
• Internal anti shock frame
• Provide extra storage to your computer
• Secure embedded encrypted 256 bit MD5 hardware password protection

The device is manufactured to store all kind of data like it can be data related to business field or there can be videos, songs, authorized data and others too. It is capable to share data between systems and networks. Protects data from several anomalies like viruses, human calamities etc. It also consist lock up drive for extra security purpose. The design of this device is very compact so that it can be taken from one place to another place easily that is easy for portable. The speed of this hard drive is 40 percent faster than the other devices. As discussed the hard drive have the storage of 320 GB which is a very large capacity to store data.

The hard drive has high quality slimline design which is a great feature of it. Due to this feature it is easy to portable it to anywhere and also it is easy to hold. No extra connections are required to connect it an inbuilt insulating cover is present for the security of data from any damage and an integrated cable is present with it so there is no requirement of any external power source. It provides an easiest way to give extra storage to your computer. The hard drive is a noise less device, doesn't produce any kind of noise while it is in its working condition. So this is all about Freecom ToughDrive 320GB Portable Hard Drive Turbo USB 8MB Cache - 30570 which is the fastest device having high storage capacity and highly acquired security. One will be very lucky to use the device with a great opportunity.

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