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Mobile computing is a generic term describing one's ability to use technology while moving, as opposed to portable computers, which are only practical for use while deployed in a stationary configuration.

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Digital cameras changed the world of photography, and smartphones with inbuilt high-quality cameras completely transformed photography.
iPhone app store allows individual developers to submit their apps and sell them to iPhone users. Over 2 billion apps were sold last year, and more apps are expected to be sold this year.
Darkspore is a wonderful game meant for the PCs. Players can enjoy the game of conflict with their enemies- aliens. Exploring this game would definitely be wonderful.
New technology has a way of arriving in a fanfare and disappearing with a squeek. Take a look at the VHS tape, Betamax tape and the CD. Will the eBook go the same way?
Some say that Symbian Application Development is not as exciting as iPhone or Blackberry application development;
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At a time when you can easily order anything from the internet using your computer or smartphone, it is rare to see people standing in a line to buy something.
My wristwatch lies in some forgotten, dark and dusty drawer; its ticks and tocks are sighs of despair. Left in a dark corner
The world is at our fingertips, thanks to the omnipresence of smartphones and programmers who keep on coming up with extraordinary mobile applications that make life easy.