Abyss Web Server - What You Need To Know

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Many people have wondered what are the main features of the abyss web server. To start, the abyss web server is a highly streamlined server, created by Moez Mahfoudh, that is HTTP/1.1 compliant, and works with many UNIX, Windows, MacOS X and Linux operating systems. The whole point of a web server is to give people the ability to access information on the web. The stronger a web server is, the easier it is to interact with various web pages. Unfortunately, most web servers are built upon technology that was not designed to be modular, or portable, and tend to be far too complex, or platform dependent. Considering how quickly the internet changes, having a web server that can be upgraded, and modified becomes more, and more important. Here are a few features of the Abyss web server:
  • It's written in ANSI C, a highly portable programming language
  • Is both low system load, and uses little hardware memory.
  • It is around 70% as quick as Apache, and can be scaled to run even faster.
  • This server works well with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.
  • The web management interface has been specially designed to be easy to use – similar to what you would have to deal with when you surf the web.
  • Based on the APX architecture which helps make crashes of this web server almost none existent (downtime around 1 sec).
  • Uses an advanced URL decoding engine which fights against suspicious, and malicious server requests, as well as, denial of service hacking attacks.
  • Activates automatic compression with browsers that are equipped to handle this bandwidth conserving feature.
  • Supports file names and website URLs written in any commonly used language.
  • Can run Ruby on Rails framework web applications.
  • Supports scripting languages such as Python, PHP, ASP, and Perl.
  • Allowed bandwidth usage can be configured per visitor or across the board.
  • Password protection can be set for specific users or groups.
  • Can define a template for use with your directory listings through either SSI directives, or through any other programming language.
  • Can serve multiple websites from a particular computer, otherwise known as multiple hosting, or virtual hosting.
  • Supports the TLS, and SSL protocols for secure connections to the internet.
  • Can have regular and secure versions of a website available at the same time.
The Abyss web server is still under development, but is fully functional, and the creator is looking to improve upon its capabilities. One of the easiest ways for this web server to develop is for those that are using it to tell others about it, and also to let the author of this software know of any bugs, or other issues that may have occured while someone was using this web server.    

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