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How to use computers and technology to learn new computer skills, increase instructional productivity, enhance collaboration with colleagues and students, and communicate more effectively with Step-by-step instructions.

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Have you ever lost or forgotten your computer password? A great way to protect against a forgotten or lost computer password is to create a password reset disk.
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Let me try to answer this question in a layman’s language and metaphors. So, for those of you who are a bit above novice level propeller head status can skip this.
Forgot Windows password? This article could help you regain access to your locked computer When you forgot Windows password.
This article contains information about HTML language and little information about working of web browser over web. We have developed this article only for beginners, after reading this article you will be able to answer the question "what is HTML language and why we use it ?"
In this article we will go through and explore the HTML experiences. HTML experience is just like fun for developers as well as beginners. As we know HTML is the language for creating web document. So if you want to create web pages then first learn HTML language.
Web pages are viewed using a web browser. When the page is loaded, there are specific instructions to guide the browser on how to display the page. These instructions are in HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language). This means that after you have written your document in word, you need to convert it to HTML format to be used as a web page.
When you create a document you may sometimes need to insert/put a date or time or both. You can insert quickly in Microsoft word 2003 by choosing the insert menu, select Date and Time option and then choose one of the many date and time formats.