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How to use computers and technology to learn new computer skills, increase instructional productivity, enhance collaboration with colleagues and students, and communicate more effectively with Step-by-step instructions.

When you create a document you may sometimes need to insert/put a date or time or both. You can insert quickly in Microsoft word 2003 by choosing the insert menu, select Date and Time option and then choose one of the many date and time formats.
Sometime the links or website addresses become very long and so complicated to type in, send or remember. There are nowadays very many free services to shorten links making them suitable to SMS, email, tweet, post, simplify typing and save.
Use Donate buttons to collect contribution payments. Donate buttons let you collect pre-determined amounts or amounts entered by donors.You can create Donate buttons that you add to your website by using a tool on the PayPal website
JavaScript code are instructions and classes that allow browsers to get information from a script in the server and update the page contents dynamically without having to reload the page
The anchor tags and are used to activate hypertext linking. The text placed between these tags will be visible in your page and is formatted differently
The web browser Standard toolbar contains buttons that are mostly shortcuts to Menu.
Exposing the email addresses of people who may have wanted to keep them private is unethical since it encourages spam and email scams. The list of To: field may become too long hiding your message.
Values like "#FF9999" represent colors as hexadecimal numbers for red, green and blue.
All Internet browsers have these features on them. Menu bar, Toolbar, Address bar, scroll bar on the right, and status bar at the bottom. The features may vary a bit on different Internet browsers but carry out the same functions.
A hyperlink or link is a word or group of words in your document which when clicked will take you to another web document or file.