How To Put/Insert/make a Link in a Web Page or Site

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The anchor tags <A> and </A> are used to activate hypertext linking. The text placed between these tags will be visible in your page and is formatted differently.

When a reader clicks on the formatted linked text, they are taken to the page that is defined in the opening tag's HREF (Hypertext REFerence) attribute - this identifies the URL of the file that the link points to.

Linking a web page in you computer
To link to the page 3 on your site in your computer using web site building application (notepad) use the following format

<A HREF="page3.htm">click here to go to page 3</A>
Save your changes and view the page in your browser. You will not that the text "click here to go to page 3" are now marked as a link with a different color. Click on the link to go to page 3.

Linking to other web sites
You can also link websites pages elsewhere on the WWW, such as the homepage of In this case, you simply give the URL of the page in the <A> tag. Eg

<A HREF=<"http://www.TRCB. com">Link to TRCB home</A>

Linking within web page or documents
Till now we have linked from one page to another, it is also possible to link within the webpage to another point on the same page or specific point within another document.

Note also that anchor names are case sensitive - type exactly the same.

To create the anchor:
<A NAME="anchorName">Anchored text</A>
To link the anchor from within the same page:
<A HREF=#anchorName>link to anchored text</A>
To link to anchor from another document:

<A HREF="filename.htm#anchorName">Link to anchored text</A>

Linking to Photos or files
Generally , the web browser will assume the file is in the current directory/folder. You can use relative or absolute pathnames if file is in another directory/folder.

To link link photo or file in root directory:
SRC="../picture/photoname.gif"  or use full pathname SRC="C:\Picture/photoName.jpg"

To link a Photo on the web:
SRC=<"http://www.photobucket/photoName. com">

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