How To Write A Meaningful Knowledge Management Dissertation In A Step By Step Procedure?

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Knowledge is an ocean of information which never ends. No matter how much its stored in your heart, you will get more to absorb. That is the beauty of this particular term and this is why; students today are taking keen interest into this field of study.

Knowledge management covers wide array of subjects which is obviously not easy to deal with. Same is the case with knowledge management dissertation. You have to be a machine in order to immerse yourself into the ocean of knowledge if you really want to come up with an extraordinary piece of project.

Apart from adequate knowledge, you need to understand the dynamics of such thesis project which includes:

1-Knowledge management system


3-Skeleton framework

4-Proposed solution

Now, where you can get up to the minute information on the subject of noesis you are planning to work on.

There are many informative articles published on regular basis in newspapers which can be very fruitful source of information for you. Other important sources includes management magazines, yellow pages, gazettes etc. Try them out and you will feel the difference in the quality of your work. Without any further ado, we must proceed to the guidelines to write a thesis on this subject.

How to write thesis on knowledge management?

Background to the topic

Problem identification

Research objectives


You will introduce the topic of your discussion in the first place followed by a brief history, background, strategies, processes and tactics involved. Dig out previously conducted research work on the same subject which will be further analyzed by you in this section. Also present a brief description to complex adaptive system and passion in KM.


First of all, you will provide a brief account to your research procedure that you are planning to adopt in your project. Debrief and verify the final outcome you think you will achieve through the research process. You will finish this section by mentioning the expected restrictions, limitations and hindrances you will or have found during your research work.


Results will provide a brief account on what you have found throughout the research process. Was it according to your expectations? Were you able to prove your hypothesis right? Was it all wrong? Here, you will discuss every result that you found by applying research methodologies.


Here, you will take out all your weapons and use them as per your requirements. In short, you will state how you applied the research methodology on the data you collected and how you ended up on the results you just mentioned in the preceding section.


No matter what are the management dissertation topics you are planning to work on? Referencing is one of the mandatory parts of thesis writing. Here, you will mention every source of information which you used to get the results you mentioned in the project.

Therefore, follow the preceding guideline and end up on a worthwhile thesis for sure.

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