English Speaking Tips

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"Usually when we prepare to speak in English, we think to translate our mother tongue subsequently within our mind, and then speak. During execution of this process, we commit many errors and this result into error full sentences which makes to feel improper. Some mostly mistakes we do usually are:

• Selection of wrong words from the vocabulary
• Sequence of words is improper
• Fear of saying sentences or hesitation
• Speech Delayed
• Crumbling of words
• Explanation error due to which the meaning of sentences that we want to convey is changed

So, for speaking fluently to a sentence and effectively with flawless firstly we must think and then speak in English only. Practice increases the aspirant flawlessness; therefore it is needed to continuous practicing a lot for that until our mind develops a natural impulse.

Speaking in English is not such a difficult task than speaking in other languages as in Indian languages. We need to develop expertise in providing proper sequence of words, suitably breaking the sentences in 2-3 parts and giving prominence / stress / higher pitch to a word or two; and eventually making the sentence easier to speak and adequate for understanding by the person we address.

The writing language and the talking language we use for speaking having the difference about which mostly we not bother. We should not try to speak the bookish language that we read in books, newspapers, magazines and novels. The speaking English has to be quite different from written English. Speaking English should be understood able to the listeners.

The various requirements for ideal speech for Perfect English Speaking are as follows:

• Distinct for attracting attention of listener
• Clear and easy for the listener to understand
• Convey the real message that you want to speak
• Should carry your feelings and emotions that you want to convey
• Having simple and common words
• Sentences in your speech should be short for you to speak easily
• Short for the listener to understand easily
• Your speech should have no ambiguity
• You should have correct pronunciation and accent
• You should break sentence in 2 - 3 pieces and stress/emphasize the vital words and create right expression
• Use facial gestures and express with nodding your head wherever required
• In gesturing do not be loud
• Control on tone and voice

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