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Irrespective of one's view as to whether the US incursion into Iraq was justified, the incontrovertible result is that a fragile but hopefully sustainable democracy has been evolved.
Horoscope reading helps you know about your future events. It is prepared according to your zodiac sign and astrological study of cosmic events.
Butterflies are more than just beautiful creatures in the garden for some people. Here are some meanings associated with the presence of butterflies.
What is the nature and scope of the subject of the Organizational Behaviour? Read this article to find the answer in an entirely new approach to this question.
Different saadhakas have different perceptions based on their individual experiences and as such it would be totally wrong for any saadhaka to insist that those not following that saadhaka's perception are fully wrong or don't know what the truth is.
What is the correct psychological explanation of as to what made the good results to follow if one were to follow the great Indian epic Mahaabharata's philosophy of stressing on one's efforts (karma) and not on the results (phala)?
Piaseeki's index shows only the degree of the ethnic differentiation and not the degree of compatibility or tension between the groups involved. The practical value of the index is therefore, rather limited. I propose to introduce the index of compatibility/tension among groups like the ethnic groups,etc.
Choosing a business forum is somehow tricky as there are many websites of that type scattered all over the internet and all of them appear in the first pages of search engines but does all of these business forums could provide a chance for every one?
Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler, Billy Graham, and Ronald Reagan all have very similar and almost exactly the same hand movements when they are speaking in public. They all use the art of Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) to speak more effectively in public.
A new research work on how smell impacts our thoughts.