Honoring the Chicago Architects of Arab Spring

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Irrespective of one's view as to whether the US incursion into Iraq was justified, the incontrovertible result is that a fragile but hopefully sustainable democracy has been evolved.

And with it has come Arab Spring, bringing hope to hundreds of millions of disenfranchised Arabs, both for themselves and their children.

From Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and most recently to Saudi Arabia (with voting rights being extended to women), the movement towards democracies is inexorable. And with it will come peace as true two party democracies rarely attack other two party democracies.

And who are those who have made this possible--whose sacrifices have been among the greatest? And where do they live?

They live in Lima Ohio, Pocatello Idaho, and here in Chicago.

Such are America's servicemen and women whose service in overthrowing Saddam Hussein began this maelstrom

At the very epicenter of this was Dr. Sudip Bose, who served with honor and distinction in Iraq, and was awarded the Bronze Star. As Saddam's physician shortly after his capture, Dr Bose was able to look evil in the eye firsthand; and yet have hope that a better day would come for the Iraqis during a time of enormous uncertainly.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Dr. Bose served as a true combat physician providing emergency medical care to thousands of soldiers and Iraqis during the peak of insurgencies in Baghdad and Najaf, often while under fire. Dr. Bose was one of a few front line physicians in Fallujah during the US seizure of this city. His 15-month tour marked one of the longest by a physician since World War II.

Dr. Sudip Bose observed raw trauma as perhaps no other physician in Iraq. In doing he came to a profound, well integrated, and mature understanding as to what it would take to put these soldier's lives together as well as their families. Thus, despite medical technology having allowed many to live where they would have succumbed to battlefield wounds, the psychological scars remain. While there is a new found ebullience in the Arab world, there remains almost intractable depression in the lives of those good, decent, and kind American soldiers (and their families) whose sacrifices have made this possible.

But Dr. Bose did more than "observe" combat stress. He lived it. He has not just talked the talk of combat trauma. He has walked the walk. When he encounters a veteran of Iraq with post traumatic trauma, he does not think to himself, "There but for the Grace of God go I." but rather simply, "There go I."

A native son of Naperville, and graduate of Northwestern University, and Northwestern Medical School, Dr. Bose is as much of a real deal to Chicago's Indian community as Dr. Sanjay Gupta is to Atlanta. While typically, such a privileged career path inoculates one from some of life's most harsh realities, Dr Bose's life has been different and with it has come a commitment to make the world of which he knows best a better place.

Because he feels, he has something meaningful to say and contribute in a way others might not, he has formed an organization called The Battle Continues.

The Battle Continues has a tripartite focus:

Dr Bose is a nationally known motivational speaker and media consultant who applies lessons from combat to everyday life. He has consulted, CNN, Fox News, MSN. LA Times, and the Associated Press.

Professor Bose is an ER physician in some of the nation's busiest ERs whose message is to allow ALL Americans to make better-informed decisions as to health care

But Major Bose's heart will always be with those veterans who have long been home, but who have never come back and who have so inspired him. He and his foundation are dedicated to providing, time, effort, and financial help to their long term healing of psychological abrasions suffered in combat. His hard earned lessons from combat propel him to mentor and seek long-term help for the true Architects of the Arab Spring. This is his passion.

Dr. Bose may be reached through the "Contact" section at TheBattleContinues.org or on Facebook "Dr. Sudip Bose."

 Welcome to www.TheBattleContinues.org.We are inspiring the American thorugh The Battle Continues to preserve our most valuable possession: our health and well being. Come and connect with us in this mission.


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