Great Title For Architecture Essay For IB Extended Architectural Designs

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Let us first look into what is architecture all about:

It is well said that "Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light." Said by the famous architect Le Corbusier, this was perhaps the most perfect saying for the art of architecture. If the term is to define in simple words,

" Architecture is an art and science that comprises of almost all design activities, either it's the macro level or micro level that includes both planning and execution of designing and constructing a building depicting social, technical and aesthetic sense as whole. It can be of any office, home or any other type of building.

Architecture is considered to be the most captivating work for centuries; it expresses the expression for life. Architecture needs that creative eye to build any piece of art; this is why it is not every one's cup of tea to come up with good architectural designs.

Therefore, it also applies on architecture essays , because it also needs the same creative eye to judge the architectural design and write long and long informative sentences on it. So, the architecture essays should also be captivating enough to capture the attention of the readers and the first step is to decide an intriguing topic, so let us look into some of the architecture essays titles.

Great Title For Architecture Essay For IB Extended Architectural Designs

1.Victorian era architecture

2.Architecture of 19th century

3.Analyzing the famous architecture of the world

4.Architecture in Africa

5.Architecture in Rome

6.New age architecture

7.Medieval architecture

8.Art galleries architecture

9.Ancient Greek architecture

10.Architectural trends of Mayan civilization

11.Italian architecture

12.Queen Anne architecture

13.Islamic architectural legends in Spain

14.Real estate architectural trends

15.Architectural studio

16.Modern architecture

17.Romanesque architectural trends

18.Architectural designs in capitalist society

19.History of architecture

20.Architecture in India

21.Relation between architecture and e-business

22.Architecture in Egypt

23.History of western architectural designs

24.History of Persian architecture

25.18th century architectural essay

26.Death of architecture

27.Myths about great architectural design of the world.

28.Mughal architectural designs.

29.Architecture of the west

30.Architectural trends in the east.

As mentioned earlier architecture is not every one's cup of tea as it need architecture to show extra amount of creative streak to build anything worthwhile. So , architecture essays are mostly assigned to the students who are studying architecture, this makes them confuse about what to write on architecture because there are some any topics around, so the above topics were therefore selected from the thousands of available architecture topics to make your selection process much easier.

Hence, the preceding ones are the top most essays on architecture topics; you can either select anyone out of them or develop your own idea by carefully reading them. A word of advice here is that even if you are writing architecture essays on a very common topic write the topic and the content in style making it more attractive to the readers.

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