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Careers are a series of related jobs a person may have during their working life., we bring together students, organisations, faculty, and colleges in a secure online community to create a more effective recruitment process.
A judgment lead is finding simple written information describing a civil money judgment, where money is owed by one or more person (or entities) to another.
Mumbai is bursting at seams, and more and more people still keep coming to the city, with hope in their heart and dreams in their eyes.
Cricket casts a sweet spell over Indians, and when their team plays arch rivals Pakistan, or when they battle the abrasive Australians, every citizen of this cricket crazy nation wants to witness the spectacle.
The younger generation is not averse to changing their jobs and relocating for better lifestyle, and many people like to experience a city first-hand.
Matching people to jobs is a challenging task. The power and the vast reach of the internet are being used increasingly by organizations
The online recruitment scene is a complicated one as there are hundreds of sites offering job advertising opportunities to organizations.
For many employers and recruiters, using job portals are an integral part of their staff recruitment plan. However, it is not enough to attract the right candidates.
In recent times the recruitment industry has undergone a sea-change because of the easy manner in which candidates can be recruited using online recruitment resources.
Online recruitment does not always end up in success as we are given to understand. It is of course one of the finest ways to hire the right candidate for any organization.