Computer Saleperson--Retail Job Description and Responsibilities

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There is such a vast array of computers and other hardware and software in the marketplace that it is difficult for customers to know what to purchase. Computer salespeople help these people choose the correct equipment.

Salespeople must know how the equipment works in order to demonstrate the functions to buyers. They must be able to explain the differences between brands of the same type of equipment and be familiar with various computer programs that the store sells.

In some stores, salespeople specialize in one brand or type of equipment. For example, one salesperson may specialize in selling the Apple Macintosh while another sells IBM machines. In other stores, the salesperson may be required to be fully informed about all of the store's merchandise.

As computers represent such a major investment, customers usually require full presentations to explain all the points of a particular machine. Computer salespeople must be fully competent in the use of each piece of equipment they are selling. They are often required to answer technical questions about computers or computer accessories.

Successful salespeople try to find out exactly what the customer's needs are. For example, it is important to determine the price range the customer is considering as well as the brand of equipment, its options, and its projected uses.

In some shops, the salesperson may be required to install the computer and other hardware in the person's home or business. In other situations, the individual may just be required to explain assembly directions. Some computer stores offer free or low-cost lessons to people who have purchased equipment or software.

Other functions of the salesperson may include serving as a cashier, closing sales, totaling up customer's purchases, arranging for layaways, putting through credit card purchases, taking payments for products, and giving change to customers. The salesperson might also have to count merchandise that has arrived, verify the receipt of items on invoices and check that stock arriving is the merchandise ordered.

Computer salespeople are directly responsible to the manager or owner of a computer store, shop, or department. Hours vary and individuals may be required to Work overtime during special promotions or when stock comes in.


The highest volume of jobs in this area are in major cities hosting a large number of computer stores. Individuals may work in a number of different employment situations including:

Privately owned computer stores, Chain and franchise computer stores, Computer departments of department stores, Computer departments of office machine and supply stores

Expanding Opportunities for the 21st Century

Computer salespeople, knowledgeable about more than one brand of computer as well as hardware and software, will be in demand throughout the country. Individuals who can demonstrate and explain features in an easy-to-understand manner will be sought out by stores and shops.


Earnings for computer salespeople range from approximately $15,000 to $45,000. Variables affecting earnings include the ability, experience, and responsibilities of the salesperson as well as the size of the store, the geographic location, and the method of payment.

Salespeople may receive a straight salary, a commission on equipment sold, or a combination of the two.


Computer salespeople can advance their careers in a number of ways. Individuals who are being paid on commission may work toward increased earnings as a result of large sales. Salespeople can locate positions in large, prestigious stores that are more popular with customers.

Some computer salespeople are promoted to store managers, department managers, or service managers, depending on their expertise.

Others may move into wholesale computer sales.


The minimum education for most full-time jobs is a high school diploma.

Some employers will hire salespeople if they demonstrate proficiency on the equipment sold in the store. Other employers prefer individuals with college backgrounds or degrees. Many stores are beginning to require that salespeople have degrees in computer science.

Classes, seminars, and workshops in computer science, marketing, sales, programming, and computer services are all useful.


Some employers do not require prior sales experience. They opt, instead, for technical knowledge of hardware and software. Other employers prefer individuals who have experience selling computers and computer accessories.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For career information, contact Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association (CBEMA).


Learn as much as you can about all types of computers, software programs, and hardware. This will make you more marketable. Many computer companies offer training programs to fully familiarize salespeople with their products.

You might consider workshops or seminars in selling and marketing.

Job openings are advertised in the newspaper classified section under "Sales," "Salespeople," "Computer Sales," "Hardware Sales," etc.

There is a high turnover in this type of position. Send your resume and a cover letter to computer stores and personnel directors of department stores with computer departments. You might also stop in and fill out an employment application.

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