Computer Trainer Job Description and Responsibilities

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The job market for computer trainers is growing tremendously as businesses become fully computerized.

Trainers job description may teach computer and software usage as well as programming. Some teach computer courses that include not only computer use but also desktop design, desktop publishing, newsletter design, etc. Individuals may specialize in instruction of one particular brand of computer or a variety of brands. The same is true of software packages.

Trainers may teach in their own offices or classrooms, at clients' offices or homes, or at rented facilities. There are training companies that move around the country, rent large conference rooms, and fill them with computers that are used to teach various programs.

Computer trainers use a variety of teaching aides including slides, overhead projections, and videos. Teaching methods depend to a great extent on the size of the class. In a one-on-one situation, trainers will illustrate methods to each student on his or her own computer. In larger classes, trainers may demonstrate methods using overhead charts and other teaching tools.

Trainers must explain complex technical matters in ways that students can readily understand. Getting students to ask questions is an important way of gauging if they are interested and are grasping the concepts.

Individuals may teach one student, a small group or a large audience of people, depending on the subject matter and the teaching methods.


Computer and software trainers can work full time, part time, or on a consulting basis. Individuals may be employed in a number of situations including: Corporations Software manufacturers Computer stores Computer manufacturers, Consulting, Consulting companies, Self-employed and Computer training centers

Expanding Opportunities for the 21st Century

There is a growing trend for self-employed individuals who are proficient in the use of computers and popular software packages to offer classes from their home or in students' homes or places of business.


Computer trainers have a tremendous earning range depending on a number of factors. These include the specific type of employment situation, geographic location, experience, education, and responsibilities of the individual.

Individuals working part time or consulting may earn $20 to $150 or more per hour. Those working full time can have annual salaries ranging from $20,000 to $45,000. Trainers teaching more complex programs or software packages will usually earn more than individuals teaching basic ones.


After working for other trainers or training companies, many individuals open up their own facility or become training consultants.


Employers usually prefer that their trainers have a minimum of a high school diploma. Many trainers pick up the skills needed to be proficient in this area while using their own equipment. Others attend formal or informal training programs.

Training may be obtained in high schools, vocational-technical schools, junior or community colleges, four-year colleges, and universities. There are also a variety of seminars, workshops, and classes offered by training centers, computer stores, and software manufacturers.

The more software packages and computer skills trainers possess, the more marketable they will be.


Experience requirements vary for trainers. Employers usually require some experience teaching or working with computers. Sometimes both skills are required. Many computer trainers were salespeople in computer stores, software departments, or sales reps for software companies.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Individuals interested in becoming computer trainers should contact the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) or the Micro-computer Software Association (MSA).


Send your resume and a short cover letter to computer training centers, software manufacturers, and computer stores.

Learn as much as you can about computers, software, and computer technology

If you are starting your own business as a trainer or want to consult, talk to the management of local computer stores. They may recommend your services to their customers.

Place an advertisement in the business or classified section of the newspaper advertising your services.

Obtain experience by teaching a class in computers or software in an adult or continuing education program.

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