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Indians have been known for their craze for foreign shores and the opportunity living and working aboard affords.
Gujarat is making is name as the financial powerhouse of the nation and IT sector has played a major role in this.
Mumbai is not just India’s financial capital; it is also India’s art capital. Mumbai is where the creative people flock to when they want to take their art to another level and get recognition from the world.
If not democracy or governance, colonial times at least taught many Indians to speak decent English.
The much-reviled and much-loved Chief Minister of Gujarat has often been dubbed as the CEO of Gujarat; he has helped to worked hard to build a brand called ‘Gujarat’, projecting an image of business-friendly state.
Gujarat has been in headlines for the more than ten years. The growing economy of the state has taken riots, floods and earthquakes in its stride.
Gujarat has always been one of India’s economic bastions. The state is heavily industrialized—a direct response to the lack of arable land, inadequate rainfall and underdeveloped irrigation systems.
Restaurant quality food at affordable prices can now be enjoyed in the privacy of London homes. Chefs for hire are no longer just for the elite.
In the late 1990s various US companies, a substantial number of them from the IT sector, started outsourcing jobs in India.