Job Hunting and Selling

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Majority of the graduates, treading the beaten trail, think that making resume and sending out to potential employers is all that's required to be on the job. A little effort is done to even customize the resume and the Cover Letter.

"Treat a job hunt like a personal development project
and be the project manager."
The Brazen Careerist

I've screened thousands of résumés and Cover Letters in my one and half decade career. It was really very frustrating to see words like ‘Metric, Martial, and Carrier etc' in résumés and sentences in Cover Letters like ‘ I've come to know through reliable sources that a vacancy is lying under your kind control. If I was given a chance, I'll leave no stone un-turned to satisfy you'. All such résumés and Cover Letters fast track to their true place and that's the recycle bin. Successful people don't sit on haunches, waiting for miracles to happen. They make miracles happen.

Job hunting is nothing but selling
Job hunting is similar to selling anything. It's selling of one's skills, ideas, time, talent, energies and expertise. It's like being available for value addition as any other product does; and in return you get paid in cash and kind.

"Throughout your life, no matter what course it takes, you're going to be called on to convince others
to accept a product or a concept."

Sales force of any organization is like a backbone in the body. Nothing happens in the company unless sales process is set into motion for ultimate conclusion. Things will come to screeching halt if selling activity isn't on the forward move. The success or failure of any
organization depends upon success or failure of its sales activity.

Sales is the starting point and the ending point of all enterprise and industry. Sales persons are the breadwinners of any organization. They're the flag carriers; they're the torch bearers; they're the trail blazers; they're the movers and shakers of any company.

There's no special breed simply born to be called as sales people. Selling isn't in the DNA or the genes. Sales people are made. It's the eternal discrepancy between ‘nature' and ‘nurture'; something that's not necessarily innate in you, but can be successfully implanted provided you fervently intend to germinate it in you. Sales is a craft and just like any other craft, it can be taught, learned, practiced and eventually mastered.

You're the CEO of YOU, INC.
"The whole theory of the universe is directed unerringly to one single individual-namely to You."

Treat yourself like an enterprise. Your skills are your product and service. And you're CEO of You, Inc. CEO's job is to sell all the time. He has to sell change; he has to sell his ideas; he has to sell his vision and he has to sell his image. CEO is the Chief Selling Officer. You need to bring out your entrepreneurial skills to push yourself forward on the course of life.

Starting a job hunting process is similar to launching a product or service. The only difference is: here you're a product; you're a brand; you're a product manager; you're a brand manager; you're a sales manager. You've to position yourself. You've to bring out your Unique Selling Propositions. You've to craft your own marketing strategy. You've to open your own channels of distribution to make yourself ‘on-the-shelf'. You'll press the launch buttons. For more elaboration, let me draw the comparison between job hunting and product launch.

Comparison between job hunting and product launch
Job Hunting                                    Product Launch
Big Bang Letter                                 Advertisement
Résumé                                             Brochure
Cover Letter                                     Sales Letter
Response                                          Pull
Unsolicited letters/calls                    Cold Calling
Interview                                          Sales Call
References                                        Celebrity endorsements
Maneuvering/approaching                   Hard Sell
Networking                                        References
Salary negotiation                              Price negotiation
Follow up                                           Push
Offer Letter                                        Purchase Order
Internship                                          Free Sampling
Probation                                           Product trial
Job advertisements by employers        Tender notices by companies
Professional degrees                           Certifications (Like ISO)

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