Behavioral Interview Tips

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Positive Approach

You must always remember that a positive approach is absolutely essential in all the matters we undertake, particularly with reference to going for job interviews. People often forget that a healthy attitude in what we attempt to do would add to the success of the venture.

A negative outlook, a defeatist mentality often would doom the attempt. We are not suggesting that there are any mysterious forces governing the events. But what we do know is that pessimism does not go hand in hand with a healthy attitude. An optimistic approach undoubtedly adds to the vigor with which we pursue a course of action.

Behavioral Interviews
Behavioral interviews are catching up fast in the present day scenario. Companies like AT&T have been conducting behavioral interviews from past 15 years. The reason behind this shift is that an employee's future behavior can be predicted. The company, by performing psychoanalysis of the candidate can understand his behavioral patterns.

They generally look for qualities like flexibility, oral and written interaction, management, analytical reasoning, decision making, entrepreneurship, enterprise, veracity, prudence, leadership, technical knowledge, risk taking capabilities amongst other features.
Such interviews can envisage 55% of the candidate's on-the-job behavior whereas only 10% can be foretold by conventional ways of interviewing.

What Do The Companies Look For?
The employers seek for the applicant's experiences, knowledge and conduct so as to ascertain his or hers aptitude for accomplishments. The company looks for and detects professional skills, performances, education and intelligence that are a requisite of the job profile.

Some traits that all employers search for are analytical assessments, urge of initiation, desire to learn, and desire to travel, self confidence, teamwork and joint efforts and most importantly professionalism. The employers then target very precise question like describe......, state.... etc. Whatever the case may be, you have to be totally prepared for any kind of question that is thrown at you.

Some Questions Asked During Behavioral Interviews:
Elucidate a circumstance in which you were capable of influencing someone successfully to perceive things your way?
Describe a phase when you were confronted with a demanding situation that revealed your management skills?

State an exclusive instance of a time when you utilized fine wisdom and logic in resolving a crisis.
Give a case in point of a time when you established an aim and were capable of achieving it.
Relate an instance when you had to exploit your presentation skills to manipulate some one's point of view.

Some More Questions:
Talk about an essential document that you were supposed to finalize.
Speak about an instance when you had to prioritize your assignments amongst a whole lot.
Give an example of time when you were required to make decisions within seconds.

How do you usually react to a controversial situation? State an example.
There are times when people are not fond of you. Have you ever been able to effectively interact with such people?
Any challenging decisions you have made till now?
Talk about the times when you had been unsuccessful.

The Flow of Energy
Answer to above queries lie in the flow of energy which may be described as a force which sustains and induces a particular work to be accomplished. When you are filled with a positive approach, there is this energy flow of enthusiasm which brightens the chances of victory. There is no magic in it.

The fact that you are positive gives you an additional feeling of security, well-being and ability to put forth the best in the venture. This flow would reverse or even be sapped if you have self-doubt, negative thinking and a feeling of despair even before you undertake the work. Emotions do have their own contribution to make in the endeavors and you should be full of positive buoyancy.

Preparing for Behavioral Interviews
Best way to prepare for such interviews is that you should use as many examples as possible. Remember your experiences from college days, school days, professional days, school projects, extra-curricular activities, team-work, even use your hobbies to explain the positive side of your actions. Always enumerate your findings.

It makes an impression on the employers. Many interviewers ask questions about your downbeat incidents. Answer them but relate such incidents that will demonstrate your positive outcomes. Put forward those experiences that exhibit your best behavior. Present lots of examples. 50% of the time, you should focus on amplifying your achievements and targets.

During the Behavioral Interviews
Go through your resume just before appearing for an interview. This will freshen your memory and you will remember the achievements that you have jotted down in the resume. While facing an interview, concentrate on each and every question.

Remember and reply according to your preparation and aptly relate your preferred behavior response. Same examples can be applied to diverse situations. Try to speak of those incidents that have recently occurred with you. If you are absolutely new to professional atmosphere, you can relate cases from your college life or school life. Have confidence and you will fly through it.

A Balanced Outlook, Much Sought After Virtue
You have come up to the level of job-seeking. That is to say, you have received your educational and other general attainments which should help you to launch your career. This is no easy task. There are a number of choices.

Naturally, you ponder over various options and choose the one that appeal to your talents and temperament. At the same time you must make conscious efforts to improve the core of your disciplined approach to life and work. A balanced outlook in everything you undertake is a must. There must be proper proportion in work, recreation or whatever you undertake to do.

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