Types of Interviews

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Traditional Face to Face Interview: Under this category falls the traditional or the conventional interviews. In this the candidate has one-to-one conversation with the employer.

The candidate is asked common questions like
• Why do you wish to work for us?
• Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses.
• How will you portray yourself?
• What were the reasons behind leaving your previous job?
• State your objectives and targets.
• Speak about your achievements.
• How do you portray yourself 5 years from now?
• Can you elaborate on your career goals?
• How will you accomplish those goals?

Some More Questions
• What kind of salary do you expect in future?
• Why did you select this field of occupation?
• What are your working preferences - in team or solitary?
• How do you work as a team?
• State your conflict settling abilities.
• How do you weigh work in terms of salary and perks?
• Give an example when you have had incoherence with your colleagues or boss.

What ever the queries are, an employer will seek for your ability to answer them logically. It is not important to speak the truth always, but it is very essential to show your confidence and your ability to communicate effectively.

Telephone Interviews
Sometimes companies conduct telephone interviews. This may be due to distance problems or time zone problems. Below are the chief recipes for a winning interview.
• Since an interviewer is sitting at a far distance from you, it becomes mandatory on your part to provide correct and specific information about yourself. The interviewer will be able to relate with you better.
• When you are seeking for a job, ensure that all your household members are aware of the situation. Make them realize the significance of the phone messages.
• Arrange for mock interviews on phone. Request your friends or mentors to help you out. Ask them to take your interviews and inquire about for corrections. A little practice will go a long way.

Some More Tips on Telephone Interviews
• When you are being interviewed, make sure you are alone in an area where you can focus on what is being asked. Try to take notes, read notes and refer to your own observations.
• In case you feel that the particular time is not suiting you, always suggest for an alternative.
• Avoid babbling at all costs. If there are gaps in conversation, don't fill them up with your chatter. Instead wait patiently for the interviewer to speak up. Some people tend to cough or whistle or breathe in heavily. If such set of circumstances are unavoidable, please say ‘excuse me'.

The Behavioral Interview
Behavioral interview are becoming common these days. Many companies are using this technique to predict the future behavioral patters of the applicants. Psychologists are of the opinion that around 55% behavior forecasts can be done following this practice. The employers try to probe a candidate to gain insight on his mannerisms. They ask questions which are concerned with his character: how he deals with realistic situations, tough positions and his conduct towards others. It is almost impossible to furnish responses that are fallacious. The procedure followed in behavioral interviews is very different from the one ensued in traditional interviews.

Why Behavioral Interview?
Behavioral interviews calculate a candidate's potential to become successful. The normal aspects that are looked for are the applicant's work related encounters, performances, wisdom, talent and aptitude. Whether he or she is fitting to that distinct position. Some points that a candidate may have to answer in the interview will concern his analytical assumptions, leadership, ability and inclination to learn more, self-reliance, ability to work with a group and professionalism. The question framed by the employers will stir your mind and an alert and focused approach is the best tactic to handle such state of affairs.

The Group Interview
How to conduct oneself in a group interview? You must remember that these group interviews are meant to assess the capacity of the candidate to interact with others. You must, therefore, be doubly careful not to offend the feelings of others. There are always many sides to an issue and each one speaks from one's own perception and perspective. Except in some cases the final say cannot be had by everyone. One must conduct oneself with reasonable self-confidence, assertion and firmness in presenting one's point of view. Other's opinion must be respected but with deference and flaws should be pointed out.

To Lead In a Group Interview/Discussion
It is not important to lead in such interviews but nonetheless make your presence felt. By gently summing up different view points, by firmly pointing out the best line of defending the reasonable stand, you should earn the confidence of others by saying that their views are fine and respected, even though they may not be accepted. It is here that one should remember that winning an argument is not an end and in fact it could lead to needless antagonism. Accordingly the purpose is to discern different themes, ideas and approaches, sift the evidence and achieve the most appealing facet of the proposition.

Technical Interviews
A few interviewers look for people with technical expertise. Technical expertise may be related to finance sector, engineering sector, telecommunication sector amongst others. Employers generally ask questions that contain technical jargon. You will surely be cross-examined about your comprehensive knowledge. A college fresher needs to brush up his previous years' course to prevent any embarrassing moments. It will leave a bad impression on the interviewer if you will not be able to recollect. You can be asked to present a wiring diagram or a complicated computer program and analyze it. An interviewer is trying to feel for your knowledge as well as your logical reasoning.

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