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An interview is a conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information from the interviewee.

iVirtual is a video based virtual interviewing solution. iVirtual allows employers and recruiters to post jobs, set questions for the jobs and invite candidates to take an ivirtual session.
Looking for a nanny job can be a fun and exciting process as you interview families and they interview you. It is an experience that will teach you a lot about yourself.
Ever respond to an interview question, by saying "I haven't done it, but I can learn"?
Job interviews are nerve-wracking and certain topics can sabotage your success. Here are power tips to give you an edge.
The TIMED Approach aims to provide you with a system by which you weigh and select the best opportunity for you
One of the principal tenets of legal questioning is to only ask questions to which you know the answers (or at least this is what I have gleaned from watching countless hours of Law and Order!). In The HAMMER Letter this past April, we talked about a topic sharing a similar vein: Name Dropping. But in this instance, you need to be aware of what the people whose names you drop will say about YOU.
That uncomfortable feeling … A self assessment of when to consider a job change. I spoke to a friend yesterday, who asked for some advice. It seems her sales job wasn’t going as well as she had hoped.
OK, so you’re on LinkedIN…Now what? You filled out a profile, put excerpts from your resume, got a few recommendations, linked to your close contacts. So then what?