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IVirtual is a video based virtual interviewing solution. iVirtual allows employers and recruiters to post jobs, set questions for the jobs and invite candidates to take an iVirtual session. Once candidates complete their iVirtual session, employers and recriuters can review their pre-recorded responses online anywhere, anytime!

Why should you use iVirtual ?

iVirtual transforms the way employers, recruiters, placement cells and job seekers interact with each other. While our competitors are building huge resume databases, we focussed on making the recruitment process efficient, for all our users.

Benefits of iVirtual

For Candidates

Provides an innovatiVe way to present a good first impression before potential employers. Ability to forward your iVirtual Sessions to multiple recruiters, just like traditional resumes. Opportunity to present your unique job experiences better than their resume can convey. Paste your iVirtual Session link on your blogs and other social networking sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, mySpace, Orkut etc. Lets you highlight your confidence, personality and communication skills.

For Employers

Review candidates 24/7 - anywhere, anytime. Provides a 360 degree view of the candidate. iVirtual shows both the aptitude and attitude of the candidate. Prioritize qualified candidates prior to a face-to-face interview. iVirtual deliVers speed and confidence - it allows the screening of 5 to 10 times more candidates than phone screens or liVe prescreens

For Recruiters and Placement Cells

Present your candidates better before your clients. iVirtual provides better insight of your candidates. You can now prescreen them more effectiVely, before forwarding to your clients. Save Time - no need to try to get hold of candidates. Just send them invitations to take an iVirtual profile. iVirtual allows you to serve both candidates and employers better.

Saves Time and Money

iVirtual is an innovatiVe US based product. it leverages streaming videotechnology and internet bandwidth so that both job seekers and potential employers can interact, without having to be physically present at the same time and place. Multiple HR personnel of your company can review the candidate's response, at their own time, without having to sync-up with the rest of the panel members.

Spend more time with Quality candidates

When compared to a traditional resume, iVirtual offers a 360 degree view of the candidate - body language, communication skills as well as their aptitude. iVirtual shows you all this information, in one single screen, so that you can judge the candidate better and quciker, all this without even meeting or talking with them. This reduces the number of candidates you interview face-to-face and you can spend your quality time with more promising candidates.

Eliminate Impersonation

When supply is more than the demand, it takes lot of time and effort to filter the right candidate. Telephonic interviews are more convenient than face-to-face interviews, but how sure are you that you are talking to the actual candidate? iVirtual lets you see and hear the candidate, so that you are not wasting your time talking to the wrong candidate.

Build a team - the right team

What use is of technical knowledge when an employee cannot work in a team or communicate properly with your clients or with other members efficiently? iVirtual brings candidate's communication skills, especially, their confidence to the fore-front.

iVirtual Session is not a video resume

With iVirtual, employers are not downloading big video files to see the candidate. Employers and Recruiters can set their own questions, as per the job needs. Candidates are responding to your questions, bringing not just relevance, but also consistency to the filtering process.

iVirtual is a video based virtual interview program that helps job seekers to present themselves virtually before employers and recruiters. With this virtual interviewing solution, companies can screen more candidates, reduce search time, avoid impersonation and increase the likelihood of finding the perfect match for their job vacancy.

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