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The whole point of a CV is to secure an interview – if you get one it has done its job. You should therefore include whatever information is relevant to that goal.
The covering letter is generally the first thing an employer reads and should mention why you are applying for the job, and warm the reader up for your CV.
On Fridays, I'm posting a job search question from one of our readers. This was a question posted in response to my posting on Linkedin Answers “Candidates - What's your most difficult job search question?”
Do you want to be perceived as the perfect candidate for the job? Who wouldn't, right?
Simple tips to avoid common resume snafus. There are many common mistakes that people make on their resumes. These mistakes are often fatal. As the primary introductory marketing document for your job search.
First off, anyone who has read my young blog for any amount of time knows that I don't think anyone should look for a job; people should look for a career (even if it's the second or third one!!). A "job" is so "ho hum".
In my job searches I actually received the majority of my interviews without ever submitting a resume or application.
The majority of these contracts where attached to the forces or for the forces.
How my Hobby led to a Career in electronics
Sub-contracts in the UK and Western Europe