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You thought a credit score of 650 was great? Not any longer. You need a credit score of 700 and above in this new economy. There are 5 effective steps to improving your credit score starting today. They are not the gimmicks you see advertised everywhere. Especially, watch out for the "Free Annual Credit Report" scam. The U.S. Government authorizes only one provider for a free annual credit report. Here are my 5 tips to a credit score of 700 or more and where to get your free report.
When you are up against the wall credit-wise, the save your credit hucksters are ready to pick you clean of your last few bucks by promising to sell you miracles that will fix your FICO credit score or wipe out your debts. Read on to find out what you can do for yourself right now to get back on the path to good credit.
Managing your debt well and getting your financial life on track will actually raise your credit score. But it takes time to get back to better scores and get lower interest rates. You need to have patience RE-ESTABLISH your credit step by step
This article explains what the debt settlement process ia all about.
Learn why we have come to this miserable point in our finanical history here in America and what can be done about it to save you the consumer money and possibly your home.