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The accord on broad pan-European guarantees marked a shift from the earlier position held by Germany but fell short of a central EU rescue fund floated by France a fortnight ago. However, it also underlined the ability of European nations to act in political concert in the interests of the single currency.
The parallels between The Long Depression in the USA and the Gründerkrach in Europe. What can we learn from history to move forward today.
A rational look at the market swings. Let's begin with I am no CFA, or stockbroker. My interests are 100% as a geek (Technical, Enginering). So if you looking for a expert, go see someone who got the world in this mess.
Students of Pakistan, since its creation in 1947 had been designated a task by the Quaid-i-Azam who said, "The duties required of you now are: develop a sound sense of discipline, character, initiative and a solid academic background.
In an earlier article we measured Gross Domestic Product (GDP) using two methods (approaches)—expenditure method and income method.
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) means the value of all final goods and services that a nation produces during a given period—usually a year. GDP is the most common measure of growth or lack of it of an economy. This article looks at the different terms used in the process and methods of measuring it. It is a continuation of the Circular Flow Models of an economy discussed earlier in two separate articles.
The most comprehensive circular flow model includes the foreign sector. In an earlier article the discussion included the simple or basic model and the one with “Three Sectors” and “Three Markets.” Adding the foreign sector highlights the role of trade with the Rest of the World (ROW). In those models we assumed U.S. to be a “closed” economy. Now we open our borders for imports and exports and other international transactions.
I believe our national government should play an important role in strengthening our country's economy. In some cases, Congress's role should be to ease off regulations so the market can work more efficiently; in other cases, government intervention may improve our country's long-term economic outlook. I would like to elaborate on several of our country's most important economic problems and my ideas about how Congress can help solve them.
The circular flow model is a fundamental representation of macroeconomic activity among the major players in the economy--consumers, producers, government, and the rest of the world. Different versions of the model sequentially combined the four sectors--household, business, government, and foreign--and the three markets--product, resource, and financial--into increasingly more comprehensive representations of the economy. This article does not include the foreign sector.
Going to war is not cheap. May it be to defend yourself, punish your enemies, expand your empire or just for “homeland security.” The human cost that we suffer or inflict on our enemies cannot be measured in dollars and cents. Moreover, in the process many innocent lives are lost, physical and mental injuries abound, children are orphaned, and wives and husbands widowed. Planet earth’s infrastructure is blown away, ecology takes a hit, and it takes years to recover, rebuild, and restart our lives.