How To Become A Millionaire Faster

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Most people dream on how they can make money and become millionaires or billionaires but they never know how to get there or even how others made their Millions or billions. Although people talk about so many shortcut ways of getting rich they will never be able to maintain there riches status if they get those millions.

Just like the saying goes that being poor is not a scar the same applies to people with riches. The poor can become rich and the rich can become poor. It is usually two way traffic; while others are climbing up the riches ladder others are going down the ladder. Since your job alone cannot make you a millionaire faster, there are several known ways you can become a Millionaire.

Start a Small Business

99 percent of most successful business in the world started from small business establishments and have grown to mammoth networks or sizes that most people don't believe when they read their humble histories of these people or business establishments.

Being efficient and jumping to business opportunities has made rich people or their business what they are today without business failures. Billionaire Bill Gate jumped to opportunity of new operating system for computers because people needed it. These small ideas have grown to make Microsoft company a giant business. Other small business ideas from Facebook to Google are good appeals of what business can do in making you a millionaire. A business can be any idea of offering services to production or sale of commodities.


95 percent of rich people got their riches through inheritance. Just as the media put it; Famous and Rich people names don't change much since their legacy grows on with their siblings or heirs of their big businesses. E.g Wool mart

Being Corrupt

We all have heard it and there is no need to disagree. Most of new world richest are made up of corrupt individuals. Leaders of most organizations and countries have used their positions to loot money for their own benefits and therefore they have made to the riches list.

Name it; avoiding tax, accountant figure errors, frauds etc have been used by those learned or those in powerful positions. These corrupt methods are supported by most governments since they mostly go unsolved or unnoticed by justice due to cover up tactics. Physical robberies and other crimes are not tolerated.

Marrying into Riches

Marrying into a rich family or business will automatically make you a heir. Most women have being known to be gold diggers after their old rich husbands die leaving behind fortunes for them.

Writing Novel or Music albums.

This method has being used by many generations in the world and many authors or artists succeed into millionaires list. A novel or album can be read by millions of people raking in a lot of income to the author or artists. 

Making New Discoveries       

Any new discovery of natural resources like gold, diamonds, oil etc will surely make you a millionaire or a billionaire too. The more you explore the more likely you will strike riches. Food flavors like coca cola were new discoveries that made it global. 

Using your Talents

World Known Athletes, Golfers, Football players etc are enjoying their riches made from talents only. Other talents like paintings, singing, acting etc can take you places.

Production of Movies, New software, New cloth Fashions line etc

The world has become sophisticated and anything you produce can become viral or get high demand. The easier to produce a product the more the ease of producing it in masses for sell. E.g. Movies, software, utensils, food products, cosmetics, drugs, building materials... fashion and music etc, etc have being known to sell into millions.


Real estate investors have being known to double or even triple their investments in relatively short time. The same can be said for stock markets but it is sometimes considered not as safe as real estates like land, houses, homes etc whose price don't change downward in value easily.

Going online

Some people have millions and billions by adopting new online ideas like building a website, sending you tube videos, ecommerce, offering free online services. For example Google makes billions by offering search engine services. Yahoo too offers free email and search engine service. And many more.

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