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A great dining experience at Bodega Louie
Goshen’s Churros are a wonderful fried dough treat that is good for many occasions. In Spain Churros are served for breakfast and dipped in Spanish hot chocolate.
Goshen’s chocolate chip pancakes are a wonderful way to enjoy breakfast. This is a wonderful Spanish recipe taught to me by a woman from a small Spanish village. Goshen’s chocolate chip pancakes are also a very nice dessert.
Goshen’s strawberries is a wonderful dish that combines herbs and wine for a simply unique breakfast. This is a Spanish dish that is served for breakfast or dessert.
Goshen’s sweet figs are a wonderful breakfast treat that is a delicious change from the ordinary. This fruit dish is a wonderful Spanish treat that was passed to me from a Spanish woman from a small village.
I'm somewhere in South Africa today, exactly where I don't know since I was never very good at geography. This much I can tell you, you wouldn't want to be sleeping outside in a tent at night. You also wouldn't be able to get the Big Breakfast at Mickey D's from your car window.