Local Farm Produce Throughout The Year

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It is great to live on a farm as you can reap the local farm produce throughout the year. That is, if you put in the equal amount of hard work with lots of prayer for the right weather conditions; all else you can have a hand of control to some extent.

Start the New Year Farming

January and February may be the first two months of the year but they usually come cold with heavy frosts, snow and very little sunshine. The winter sun is low to create a chilly work environment.

Cattle have been feeding throughout the summer and winter and are now ready for the abattoir after being fattened. The local farm produce of potatoes go through the necessary grading process before being packed off to the retailers while the other local farm produce like cabbage, leek, kale and sprouts form the staple winter vegetables.

The soil must also be prepared carefully and properly through nature's fertilization method using cow dung that exudes true country smells. The ground is made rich naturally and organically to boost the local farm produce over the next few months as it absorbs the nutrients from the ground to bloom beautifully for harvest.

Fruiting Season

Before you know it, summer is here and gone. The fun during the summer when school is out causes many to forget about work, and the farm. Hence, it is only when the trees beckon with their fruits in autumn that one and all are brought back to the local farm produce. Then, it is realized that plenty of local farm produce is available for our plucking and harvesting, such as varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Ripe Harvest field

Cereals and wheat that were grown earlier in the year are now ready for harvesting. It is the time of abundance in local farm produce which everyone is thankful for. This abundance attitude is usually celebrated with a festival called Harvest Festival.

Natural beauty for the landscape

The fields join in with the festivity with their flowers in full bloom; other local farm produce like the sweet corn and squash are in abundance in different shapes and sizes. Their varied colors beautify the landscape. 'The fields are full of sunflowers,

The intense orange of the pumpkins compete with the fiery sunsets during autumn as the local farm produce set to shine on the field before they are harvested. The autumnal range of local farm produce flashes off vibrant colors from the deep colored beets to the green marrows.

Varied local farm produce

There is no greater joy than when you witness the abundance of local farm produce on the land through your hard work like broccoli, cauliflowers, cabbages, celery, potatoes, brussels sprouts and others.

The work is never done on a farm.

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