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Leeks can be fun to cook with because all of the different and delicious ways in which they can be cooked in but if you are looking for a tasty, nutritious and a fantastic seasonal food to see you through the winter months, try Mewi’s “Cold Remedy” soup, it will be the recipe for you!
Mewi's Halloween soup is a great dish that you can easily make during Halloween, when there are lots of pumpkins around.
Goshen’s crawfish and corn chowder brings a nice taste of Creole to your kitchen. This creamy chowder is a tasty way to start a meal or to bring out on a cold day. Goshen’s crawfish and corn chowder is also brings the tasty southern treat of crawfish to your home. This a quick and easy meal to make!
Mewi’s lentil soup brings comfort to eating, cooking and certainly sniffing that marvellous scent coming from the kitchen. It is the perfect winter soup, filled with plenty of iron and antioxidants; all which are good for a healthy life.
Goshen’s wonton soup is a good snack or appetizer for any occasion. The wonton soup has a wonderful blend of pork and shrimp that is enjoyable for everyone. Goshen’s wonton soup is also a good soup course in a large meal.
Goshen’s Crabmeat and Corn soup is a nice seafood delight that will make any seafood lovers taste buds tingle. Goshen’s crabmeat and corn soup is a nice appetizer or quick lunch on a cold day.
Goshen’s fish and cilantro soup is a nice warm dish for any occasion. It is a nice blend of flounder(or any white fish) and cilantro that will have your mouth watering.