Free eBook: The Craft of Selling

Free eBook: The Craft of Selling "Yourself" "Excerpts"

By: Ashraf Chaudhry
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During our entire life, we're engaged in one of two sorts of activities; either we're selling something or we're sleeping. The Selling in life starts with first ‘cry for milk' of the baby and it continues till........

One of the most crucial but equally neglected areas of our life is realizing our innate talent and skills and passionately selling them in the marketplace at premium.

In the group photo, your eyes anxiously look for your own picture; whenever you get hold of the pen, most of the time, first thing you write is your own name; your eyes will immediately spot your name on billboards, in newspapers or on television screen, all these illustrations show that you're the most important person in your life and your skills and competencies are the most gifted and valuable product.

The basic purpose of writing The Craft of Selling "Yourself" is to enable the present and potential corporate executives take stock of their skills and competencies and help them package themselves in such a palatable way that they find their true place in the corporate world.

Author believes the book will change your entire perspective about job-hunting process. We would love to hear your feedback and success stories.

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