The Easy Acne Treatment Program That Will Make You Smile!

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For those of us who are adults, we can testify that severe acne is not just a teenager's problem of puberty even though acne afflicts nearly 90% of teens the world over. You may be among the 25% of adult acne sufferers who face the same embarrassment as teens. At some time in life, severe acne afflicts every age, gender, and nationality. No one is immune.

If you are between 20 and 40 years of age, you likely have blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and zits on your face, or neck, or upper arms and shoulders. If you have chronic acne, you have acne in most of these spots on your body and, if you are a teen, well, you have a 90% chance of having this foul affliction.

At the root of chronic acne is bacteria, excessive oil, grime, make-up, and sweat are just some of the many factors that cause acne. Therefore, acne skin care must be targeted at keeping the skin clean and reducing its oiliness.

Are you ready to think outside the medication box if it means controlling your acne?

Are you ready to try some really simple things that could end up making you smile?

Disclaimer: What I will share in this article requires a commitment from you if you are going to see the results you have been looking for in those high-priced products. You should also understand that there is No Cure for acne. That's right! Acne cannot be cured. It can only be reduced. On that basis, are you willing to try something simple?

If you are willing to see a big difference in your acne, the first thing you need to do is start taking basic skin care seriously. This begins with face washing every day, at least twice a day with a facial cleansing product that is designed specifically for acne-prone skin types. This means you need to read the labels of products before you buy anything to use on your acne.

Face washing must be first thing in the morning, in the middle of the day if you can manage it, and most definitely before bedtime. Ladies: This is even more important if you wear makeup. Do NOT leave makeup on any longer than necessary. Avoid overnight creams and moisturizers as well. That goop can clog pores and make a nice bed and breakfast for acne bacteria to grow in.

When you wash and rinse, use lukewarm water. Extreme hot or cold water are bad, not good! Dry your face with a pure cotton towel. Pat dry. Do not rub when washing, rinsing, or drying.

A nice topical lotion, after washing, is one that contains tea tree oil. This will replace some of the skin oil you washed away and avoid dry skin. A good astringent can also be used to cleanse and tone the skin, followed by the application of a mild, water-based moisturizer. Read the label and follow directions.

If your work takes you outdoors a lot and into the sun, you need a good sun screen. Avoid tanning beds, too. That beautiful tan is deadly in many ways, especially on your skin pores. You are cooking your skin and that is never good!    

It is a really bad habit to squeeze or itch pimples, blackheads, and other acne. Besides it being repulsive, you are just spreading bacteria to clean skin pores or any part of your body that you touch afterwards. And, you are creating another problem - scarring. Scars are even harder and more expensive to remove than the acne itself.  

In addition to face washing, here are two alternative treatments that will make a difference.

1. Gently apply a spot of juice from a tomato, or mint, or cucumber directly to your acne and leave it for an hour or so before rinsing it off. These natural compounds kill bacteria. 

2. Once a week apply a face mask consisting of an equal mix of almond powder, milk, and rose water. Your acne will hate it but your skin will love it. This goes for you guys as well. You do want great looking skin, right?

For many ladies, makeup seems to be a daily necessity. That being true for you, you should never use cheap, heavy, or oil-based make up.  Although a variety of products are designed to hide acne, they can actually clog skin pores and make your skin problems worse. If you must wear makeup, the best thing to do is invest in makeup that is water-based, hypo-allergenic and, as already mentioned, never leave makeup on overnight.

We cannot neglect one more issue - your diet. Cleaning your skin on the outside is only one part of the solution. You must clean your skin from the inside with a healthy diet.

Water is the number one solution. Apart from washing your skin, you should be drinking plenty of water on a daily basis. This is because some acne can be caused by poor digestion. Foods that are fried, too much sweets, tea, coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol all contribute to poor digestion that will show in your complexion.

To help your digestive process', besides plenty of water, add a glass of  fresh lime, tomato, or carrot juice  after meals. All help to cleanse toxins and hydrate the body internally. A balanced diet, juices, and water will give you fresh-looking skin that literally radiates health. 

Now, I promised to make you smile and make you happy. My promise will come true when you follow the advice in this article. Then, come back and make a comment when you are happy!

You need not settle for a life of bad skin! Visit the Top Acne Solutions for more helpful acne home remedy tips and tricks. For reviews of the top three natural acne treatments, also visit Natural Acne Cures.

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