Top 10 Back Pain Tips

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Back pain affects 1 in 3 people in their lifetime and can help to people of all ages.

There are more than 25 causes of back pain and different part of the back that can be affected.

Back pain is on the increase, with a wide variety of explanations to why this could be.

The most common are;

* Poor seating and/or sitting position - Office workers are now spending more time at there desks which counter-balances improvements in chair and desk design
* Poor work station/ergonomics
* Lack of exercise and general mobility - The public today is less mobile and with gadget like remote controls and mobile phones are moving less when in the home
* Poor diet / Overweight - The body needs certain ingredients to function properly and at poor diet can take its affect on a person's muscles and bones.
* Sudden change in activity - When a New Year comes people go from doing nothing to suddenly hitting the gym. If your body is not used to this kind of activity it can have a negative affect on your body.
* Over-exertion
* Poor muscular balance
* Pre-existing back problems - If the true cause of a bad back is never rectified then the condition can continue for a patient for there whole life.
* Over-activity
* Excessive sports
* Age - Muscles and bones age which can result in less support for the back muscle's.

The main 10 tips to help prevent back pain include:

1. Good sitting posture
2. Good work station assessment
3. Regular exercise and general mobility
4. Avoidance of sitting for long periods
5. Balanced diet
6. Weight control
7. Graduated programme of activity
8. Improved muscular balance
9. Balance in lifestyle
10. Good firm mattress

If you are having constant issues with back pain then it is recommended to speak to your GP or see a back pain specialist.

Dr Solomon Abrahams, PhD has other published other articles involving back pain, which can be found in the Journal Of Orthopaedic Medicine. He also lectures at several universities in this area. You can book to see him at

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