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By adopting a healthy lifestyle you can reduce the risk of cancer. According to the National Foundation for Cancer Research, 80 to 90 percent of all cancer cases are preventable.
According to a study published in Medical Journal on 17th December regarding smoking is most significant associated with an increased risk for colorectal cancer and death.
77% of the cancer cases are related to a person’s lifestyle, as reported by the American Institute for Cancer Research.
According to research cancer thrives in an acidic environment and not in a normal, more alkaline environment. When you have cancer, your pH levels are low and your body is too acidic.
Thousands of cancer patients are dying unnecessarily each year because of delays in obtaining treatment, a leading charity has said.
The taste of Linseed is a problem but now Researchers have taken isolated valuable components which can be mixed in Cakes, Breads etc.
An herbal medication confirmed by University of Yogyakarta, Japan in 2005.