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In this three-part series, I'll focus on a vitamin often overlooked, but that has some significant health benefits. On top of being an essential nutrient, that is. This is an introduction to vitamin K, which is closely connected to blood's capacity to clot.
In doctors' health advice, they often go back and forth on what to say about alcohol. Drinking in moderation has long been a subject of medical studies, as there are many health benefits associated with responsible drinking. But alcohol, which has toxic elements, is considered unhealthy by many as well -- generally when used more often than "in moderation." A new study weighs in on this issue with an interesting finding about how alcohol could lead to "successful aging."
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Divorce is a very traumatic and difficult time for those involved in the process.Often, symptoms of depression can rear their head during this time.
Millions of people every year deal with symptoms of depression and many are not even aware that they are suffering from real depressive problems.
People with borderline personality disorder (BPD) may be hypersensitive to subtle emotions on others’ faces.
studies have found that between 61% and 87% of individuals diagnosed with BPD also have major depressive disorders.
A pregnant woman could get through her pregnancy with pleasure and away from depression with the totality support of her husband.
Depression is raging. We all occasionally feel low, but with right understanding, empathy for others, healthy self-love, motivation and faith, we can get over it.
In Part I, we read about depression in general and ended at the query why a loving God permits cruelty and suffering in this world. In this Part II, we shall try and answer that.