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A podiatrist in Perth is a medical doctor (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine or DPM) who has completed medical school specific to podiatry and a two-year residency.
Medical Rehabilitation is a complex of medical and preservative measures, aimed at the maximum feasible restoration of lost skills soon after a patient diseases.
AudioLogic Hearing Services is an independent hearing clinic owned and managed by Michelle Pasinati, an Audiologist with a Masters in Clinical Audiology and full membership with the Audiological Society of Australia (ASA).
AudioLogic Hearing Services is an independent hearing clinic providing hearing tests, hearing aids and hearing care to pensioners, DVA cardholders/war veterans, self-funded retirees, private and WorkCover clients and hearing tests to children over 4 years of age.
Auditory deprivation refers to a person’s lack of adequate hearing stimulation. Studies have shown, with time, the ability to process sound into meaningful words such as speech can deteriorate if there is not adequate stimulation to the brain.
A few years back, it was only a dream for feeble and disabled people to move freely from one place to another.
A very important aspect of wound care is the dressing and bandaging of the wound. The article below details the ins and outs of dressing a wound and follow up actions required till the wound heels.
Undergoing a surgery means being left with one or more wounds left to heal. Surgery wounds are sometimes complicated and need special care.
Blisters on feet are common occurrences when out and about hiking. The article details several ways in which blisters can be avoided or treated when on a hike.
The need for a specialized service like that of NEMT is growing. More and more people are considering this particular service as a regular form of transportation.