I want results, How do I get them?

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Welcome back to our discussion on how to achieve results. Every person is here on their own journey; so results are as unique as fingerprints, snowflakes and yes... even you. However, Madison Avenue and Hollywood constantly bombard us with what it means to be successful or have ‘positive' results in our lives.

Results are up to each individual to define for themselves. In my last installment I asked the questions: "Why are you here? What do you stand for? What is important to you? In your last breath what will you look back upon with pride?" in answering these questions we will find the foundation of our VISION.

Vision is the starting point, and arguably the most important step in achieving results. There are 4 distinct steps to results:
- Vision
- Clear Intention
- Committed Action
- Results

You can truly have anything in the world if you will follow these four simple steps. Notice I did not say easy. We are all human and can be distracted by the world around us, or more often by the conversations, and limitations we place upon ourselves.

Over the next few weeks we will explore each of these steps. Depending upon your feedback we may go deeper into a topic for a deeper cut. But now, let's begin with Vision.

Your vision statement is your self-defined roadmap, along your self-defined journey through life. If you don't define your vision, your path, the world, your friends, family, and even pets will do it for you.

There are different ways to discover your vision; journaling, talking to a spouse or family member, praying, mediation, brainstorming, the list is endless. But remember to craft your vision for yourself and not to please someone else. In the end a vision should be:
- Concise
- Empowering
- Convey what's important to you

For example my vision is: "I am a stand for unity and growth, by celebrating love, humility and accountability." You may be thinking WOW, or Great, while others may be thinking what does that mean.

Following the above guidelines; it is concise, short enough I can memorize it and not stumble over it should someone ask me... "hey Gabe, what's your Vision?" It is empowering. This motivates me to create the world of my dreams. A world that is united and people are challenged to rise above their circumstances by my love, my humility, and my responsibility to hold everyone accountable for the current situation in life.

A vision is the core foundation from which life, results and happiness can spring. It is the blueprint for your dreams.

How do you use your vision? Just as an architect uses a blueprint, you get to look at the actions you take in a day and determine if they are supporting your vision. Only you can define your vision and choose to implement it in your daily life.

I ask you. Do you want results in you life? Yes? Then work on your vision, take time, dig-in and find out what really matters to you. If you need any help send me an email at beqivana at gmail dot com. Next time we will take your vision and learn how to have clear intention towards achieving results.

Thanks for Reading!

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